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Back on the road again in the summer of 2010, I am hoping to see the prairies (the parts you can drive to) and as much of the North West Territories as I can see by van.You can help me by sending this website link to everyone you can think of. Even if you can’t help maybe they can. I want to meet EVERYONE in Canada. You are giving me a good start.
In 2010 I want to go to the wintery places in Canada. Those require flights in. If you know someone who might know someone who can help me get there please connect me to them.
I still see this site as a place that my sponsors can use for advertising. If companies will partner with me, I offer advertising in this space and lots of exposure as I make my way across Canada.
Invite me to talk to your group. I am a creative life coach and motivational speaker. I would love to trade stories with you and yours.

Introduce me to your local newspaper editor and radio personalities. I would love to talk to them.

Comment on my blog. Let me know what you think and help me through your support and encouragement.
Please pass the list along because someone will know or have what I need.
To donate gas money to this endeavour see below:

My Book : I have a book coming out in a few weeks that describes, not so much the trip, you can read that here, but the process. Looking forward to sharing it with you.

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