Writing, Learning and the BC Medical System

Edenvale Guest House my bedroom top right window

Edenvale Guest House my bedroom top right window

I have spent the last few days at a Freefall Writing Retreat at the Edenvale Retreat Centre. It has been great. If you have never taken a Freefall Writing course of any length, do consider it. The learning here is definitely about writing but many of the ideas have strengthened me as a life coach, Therapeutic Touch Practitioner and a student of life. The ideas are far reaching and you don’t have to be an experienced writer to get the benefit.

Apart from the life changing quality of the course material, the women (no you don’t need to be a woman to go to a Freefall course but this time everyone is) are a great bunch from Canada and the USA. Each one is bringing her own strengths to the week and we are learning from each other.

The Edenvale Centre, just outside of Aldergrove BC is a beautiful and accommodating place to be. The food is incredible and the staff seem totally devoted to our needs and wants. The meals have been stellar and Vincent is already saying he will be reluctant to leave. I talked to the people here about just becoming a permanent fixture around the dinner table and they were polite…but I may need to move on.

Building on the grounds

Building on the grounds

I got an opportunity to go to a BC walk-in clinic yesterday and I must say if was a very good experience. BC has been very good to me. I even had a very intimate greeting from the local insect population. A deer tick, lets call him Rick, attached himself to my back just on the edge of my shoulder blade (where I can not only not reach but I can.t see either). Monday evening I felt slightly bruised and asked someone to look at my back, to see if I had a pimple there or had scraped myself somehow. She was grossed out but gamely carried out some midnight surgery. I was very interested in where Rick may have come from but due to an unfortunate accident in the removal, he lost much of his mouth bits and couldn.t say. The next day I went to the clinic to be sure we got him out completely and we had miss a bit. No wonder he wasn’t talking.

I have no idea where he came from but I think that when I was swimming last Friday on Cortes Island and went into the shade and sat leaning on a tall, broad pine tree, he probably decided to travel with me. At the clinic the receptionist was an incredible woman, friendly and fun. The doctor was inquisitive and willing to listen to me when I was worried that I might get Lyme disease while traveling. He said he was much more worried that I would get a secondary infection but gave me a preventative dose of antibiotics as recommended by the Merick Manual for Lymes and cleaned the wound very well. My naturopath has given me suggestions to boost my immune system and I have had Therapeutic and Healing Touch here, not to mention 7 people mothering me. I was surprised that OHIP covered my call completely and that my drug plan was effective here. I think that is about as much adventure as I want to have with the medical system but it was nice to see it working so well.

Yes, you are right, I am not supposed to use my computer at the retreat centre but I won’t tell if you don’t…and this is by far the best connection I have had to date. How tempting is that.

Off to bed.

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  • Tricia Bertram says:

    Edenvale looks so peaceful. My dream is to one day do a week long writers retreat at a place like this, until then I will continue with my yearly excursion to Jan Juc. Even though you are not supposed to use your computer there, I would love to read more of your day by day experience of the workshop (just think of me as the apple offerer in Edenvale). Ricky sounds like an icky ticky, I don’t think I could be as magnanimous as you if one invaded my body. Take care, with a little hug from downunder Tricia

  • Vicki says:

    What ever you have to do to get there would be worth the hassle. Vicki

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