Whitehorse in the rear view mirror

Granny and Story

Granny and Story

Whitehorse has a special place in my heart with three of my children, one son in law and a grand baby (Story) there so it was great to find myself magically transported there even though it wasn’t in my travel plans til much later in the year. On the flight home today I feel sad to be leaving the world’s cutest grand daughter (no it is true…everyone I spoke to said it is – so I am sure I am not biased) but my eyes are focused forward.

First to Vancouver where I will reshuffle the van so I can actually sleep in there. Then for a couple of days I will enjoy Fred’s company as he is in town for business from Wednesday to Friday and Friday I am leaving to visit my Uncle Bob in Campbell River. After that a few days on Cortez and Quadra Island and then back for a week at a Freefall writing retreat. What luck to find myself invited. I can’t turn an opportunity like that down. If you are a writer (or would love to be) I can’t imagine a better way to unwrap your words, re-motivate your writer self or just get writing than a Freefall workshop. Check out www.freefallwriting.com for the opportunity of a life time. Thank you very much Barbara.

Nellie and I

Nellie and I

My last days in Whitehorse were full ones. I reconnected with my soul friend Nellie, danced with Erik and thoroughly enjoyed the LONG days and nights. I found it difficult going to bed when the sun shone full and bright but slept with the curtains open. I loved seeing the last light fade around 1 am or waking to the sounds of birds celebrating the day when the sun was pinking the sky just after 3:30 am. In spite of the awareness of light, I slept well. Getting up at 6:15 this morning with the sun high overhead, made it easy to pack and get moving. Surely Yukoners drink less coffee during the summer months. The constant bright light makes it easy to wake up and feel alert.

Back yard from my bedroom window at 11pm May 25

Back yard from my bedroom window at 11pm May 25

To my friends with Animal Totem books, here is a question. What does it mean when a bald eagle leans into your awareness. Desiree, Story and I were cruising the Millennium trail after supper two evenings ago when we saw something out on the river ice. A bald eagle was sitting on the edge peering into the water. He was unconcerned by us but an expanse of icy, fast moving water separated us. We watched him for a while. He sat unmoving. I wondered if he was hurt but he didn’t appear to be. I tried many camera approaches and wished that I had one of those super zoom cameras…but I don’t. In spite of that I got a couple of good pictures. Because he sat so still, a seagull started to harass him but he seem totally uninterested. The seagull swooped low didn’t get too close. Finally, Story, bored by our interest sent us back to our walk. I still wonder what he was doing there…but since I don’t believe in accidental meetings we must have been meant to be on that path at that time.

Eagle and Seagull

Eagle and Seagull

I have been inspiring myself by reading RV Canada with Boo the Menopausal Van: Have a fun working vacation.” by Barb Rees. I met Barb through my quest across Canada website. She found me and wrote to encourage me. She also sent me one of her books as a resource. She and her husband Dave, both pensioners on a extremely limited budget, decided to make their dreams of travel across Canada come true. With their elderly van pulling a small trailer they  left Powell River BC and made two adventure filled trips from coast to coast. They coped with their van, Boo’s constant “hissy fits,” extreme weather and lack of funds in creative and resourceful ways. Barb’s writing is direct and I find myself chuckling out loud often. She is an inspiration as she shows page after page that dreams can come true and indeed do if you put your energy into making them happen. If you want a book to inspire you give you the nuts and bolts of a travel vacation in Canada, it is also the read for you. Look for it. I hope to see many or even most of the places she recommends. I want to meet Barb, Dave and perhaps Boo the van but they are leaving for Tuktoyaktuk on June 1 and so we may have to connect on the road somewhere. I am looking forward to it.

Well, I am having trouble writing now because the clouds below me have cleared and I can see the mountains below. I will finish my flight with my nose pressed flat against the plane window dreaming of the places below me. I will be there sooner than I think.

Take care.

3 Responses to Whitehorse in the rear view mirror

  • Janice says:

    Eagle: taken from medicine cards. the last paragraph says:

    “Eagle medicine is the gift we give ourselves to remind us of the freedom of the skies. Eagle asks you to give yourself permission to leagalize freedom and to follow the joy your heart desires.”

    Well I think you are off to a great start of legalizing freedom!


  • Tricia Bertram says:

    Yep, world’s cutest grand daughter, and loved the eagle photo. How great to be doing a Freefall workshop at this stage in your travels. I can’t quite get my heard around “the land of the midnight sun”, I sense it has to be experienced to be understood.
    Thanks so much for sharing this amazing journey
    Hugs from downunder

  • Anne Blottner says:

    Of course Story is the cutest grand daughter in the world! And how could I be prejudiced about that – being her grandmother too?

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