I thought that updates would be daily…easy…often, but as frequently happens, life steps in. Computer connections, even in the most likely of places can be iffy and sometimes I am just having too much fun to get to the computer.

I am in Vancouver (Pitt Meadow actually) today and it is raining. It is a warm rain and I can still see mountains from here so… it is no hardship. I have heard that there is no bad weather, just bad clothing choices and so I got out some rain proof clothes and am ready to do what ever. As it turns out I am heading to Mission for a barbeque with Rika’s sister, brother in law and kids. I met the kids yesterday and it promises to be fun. But how did I get to Vancouver? I think I last left you as I had just arrived in Banff.

Banff was great. Sue’s friend MoJo and her husband Charlie (new arrivals to Banff) were extremely gracious and eager to share their new home. We didn’t have too far to drive the next day so we got up and took a walk around town. I was glad to see the snow of the evening before disappearing into bright sunshine. I have no snow tires and didn’t want to be in a position to wish I did.

Thursday was beautiful. Bright and sunny. Our drive to Vernon and Sue’s sister’s farmstead passed through some of the most incredible country I have evter seen. Ye’s, I did take pictures but the camera didn’t do it justice.

When we arrived at Mahina’s place, she and her kids took us for a walk around the place just to unwind the kinks and then she hitched up the team to take us for a ride through the area. Everything was blooming and it just smelled wonderful. Back home for some catching up and a great dinner. I have to say, I am sleeping very well these days and I woke to the sounds of birds celebrating the day.


On Saturday morning we were in no rush to get started. Our drive to Vancouver would be short and so we prowled the property line checking out points of interest and trying to get our bottoms ready for another day in the car.

On the way we stopped in Kamloops to have coffee with Lyrica and Jason. Lyrica, Sue.s neice was heading home to the farmstead to spend the long weekend and we arranged for our paths to cross. A wonderful young couple and I managed to get a latte at Starbucks.

The trip into Vancouver took us through some beautiful country including the Fraser Canyon.  WOW! I know what they mean when they say Rocky Mountain high. My camera was not up to the job of picturing it.thru-the-faiser-canyon

The drive seemed much shorter that day than the day before even though it was the same amount of time. When we got to Pitt Meadows we stopped for a last supper of  Indian food and then went on to Marcel and Rika’s where we spent a great evening. The next morning I drove to the airport to put Sue on the plane for home.

Karma (my gps) and Vincent Vango (the van) made our way back to Pitt Meadow without incident. (More on my traveling companions later.)

Tomorrow I am planning a voyage on the Vancouver transit system to Mountain Equipment Co0p, the Art Gallery and what ever catches my attention. It is supposed to pour all day, but then again it wasnt supposed to rain today at all, so I might get lucky. I will carry an unbrella for insurance.

The day after I was planning on heading to Vancouver Island but something has come up that might take me to Whitehorse to visit the kids for a few days if I can get a stand-by rate.

When I planned the trip, I wanted to be flexible, let the wind blow me, rise to all occasions. Right now I am torn between doing what I said I would, and following opportunity as it comes up…but not too much. Opportunity is a bright sunbeam and I think I will follow it’s beckoning fingers.

Keep posted. Vicki

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  • Janice says:

    It’s so nice to see pictures up on your blog!
    Life sounds amazing and constantly brand new. What a feeling that must be!
    Happy wind surfing!

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