Tickled by my past again and walls

July 26

I think I mentioned that Caroline is a Vet. Last evening she was on call and a woman phoned with a sick dog. We walked over to the clinic and I played Vet. assistant helping her raise a vein on little Lulu who was feeling VERY bad. It was fun to be around the back of an animal hospital again. I was probably 25 the last time I did anything like that. As turned out, Lulu was so out of it that Caroline probably wouldn’t have needed me but it was a fun blast from the past. By the way, Lulu probably has a blockage from pigging out (or is that pupping out) on a cooked ham bone. We only put her on an IV last night. Today she is having x-rays and who knows what all else to get that blockage moved. Caroline says that bones and dogs are just not a good idea. She hasn’t been practicing that long but she tells me that this is a constant problem. Just be aware.

This morning we got up early to hike the ridge behind Caroline’s house. We took Caroline’s two dogs and met Bonnie with her two dogs. I have been looking forward to this for a while because I don’t really like walking by myself. With the group of us, it was unlikely that we would be approached by any animals. I was a little nervous about hiking with experienced hikers. I have been sitting in a van for 3 months but the hill didn’t look bad and so off we went.

The Hill

The Hill

We left the house by 7:30 and were going up by 7:45. By 8:15 I was done. My pulse was racing so hard that I figured if I was in my fitness class they would have stopped me. Bonnie and Caroline were kind but I knew I was slowing them down. I was so disappointed with my body and how I have let it get so out of shape. On my behalf, the trail did seem to go straight up but still. I finally told them to go on without me. After they left, I struck out on an other path, one that was horizontal and not vertical. I walked until I got to a place where there used to be a ski hill and there was a cut in the trees where the lifts used to go up.  I got this picture there.


When Caroline got home, she said that it was just a short rise to the top after I left and then they walked along the ridge.  (Who knew) I maybe could have stayed…but the path where I left them had been very steep.  The good thing I learned this morning was…I need to do more walking even if I am alone. Without my daily walks with the dogs I am losing it.

One other thing. I found a milage chart today. One that gives the distances of things from Hundred Mile House. Whitehorse is 1965 Km from here. Wow. I was taken aback. It seems so far. At that moment, after just coming off of the hill, it seemed too far. I had a moment where I felt totally inadequate, not up to the challenge, where I wondered what the heck I am doing.

So now, sitting in the shade it seemed like time to crunch the numbers again so here it is.  As of July 26 I have driven 8898 km, over half t of them on my own… and until July 24 had spent $850 in gas. Not bad. And then considering that most days I don’t drive more than 100km at at time, it doesn’t seem too bad.

Today the sun is shining (what a surprise) and there is a nice breeze. We had some lightning last night but no rain. A nice day to spend the afternoon in the shade.

Hope your weekend was great. I am on the road again tomorrow heading for Williams Lake. Talk soon.


home away from home

home away from home

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