The Pull of The Moon

A friend gave me a card the other day signed with the words, “enjoy your Pull of the Moon journey.” That invoked an instant memory  of a book that had inspired me  when my youngest child was 10 (now 21). The book is The Pull of The Moon by Elizabeth Berg. It is about a middle aged woman who  runs away from home to discover her self. She realizes that although she loved being a mother to her children and a wife to her slightly unaware husband, somewhere along the way she got lost. Her trip helps her find her way back home.

The book came at the right time in my life. I was about 42 and totally immersed in being a great mother, wife, daughter, friend…I loved it all but somehow there was something missing. It was me. The book galvanized me take a look at myself, where I had been and where I was going.  I had no regrets about the past but I wanted recapture myself and some of my dreams. That is when I decided to go to university to finally get the degree I had dreamed of. I was scared to death but I loved it and did well. I realized that I needed to claim the life that I wanted. I couldn’t wait for it to turn up.
That was when I promised myself that my fantasy trip would become a reality…and now it is.

After recieving that card, I decided to read the book again. When I walked into my bedroom that night I found it waiting for me on my dresser. I can’t remember having seen it there earlier in the day but there it was. I picked it up and have almost finished reading it again. I am surprised how different the experience of reading it on the threshold of my journey has been. I am still impressed by the story telling of Elizabeth Berg, the way she captures emotion and reality but now I seem to be reading it with more excitement. I am joining the fictional Nan on the road. It is me. I am following the pull of the moon. 11 more days. Isn’t life amazing.

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  • Jill says:

    Holy smokes Vicki, I finally had some time to go through old emails I hadn’t followed up in, put your site in as a favorite and started exploring. I am AMAZED! YOU ARE AMAZING!!!! I can hardly believe what you are doing here, how you are pulling this all together and all the things you have done to make this work! BRAVO BRAVISIMO!!! Ms. oh Ms., have a fantastic time! I am so impressed with you as always! What an amazing mentor you are for EVERYTHING you do. Such a great mom friend adventurer student teacher spirit goat lady pecock keeper, egg lady, dog trainer …the list never ends! . Everything you do, you do with such gusto, integrity, and with such joy. I am so proud of you and so grateful the universe works with your dreams and hard work. HAVE THE BEST BEST BEST time! I’ll be thinking of you and look forward to your updates!
    Hugs Jill

  • Jill says:

    OKAY, a tip for the road, remember Roseanne from woman’s group? Her son travelled (by bicycle) for the summer out to the East coast. and back….. here’s what he did. Knock on the door of FARMS, explained who he was and what he was doing then asked could he pitch his tent in the field for the night. More often than not, he was asked in for meals (you know the kind, like you make! Freash country cooking from home raised food) And sometimes was even invited to sleep in a bed! Also another friend took her goat breeders directory with her and called people that were on the path, explained who she was, what she was doing (travelling across Canada) and could she stop there overnight in her van. Again, lots of good conversation, meals and often a bed in the house.
    Good luck best wishes and have a GREAT time!
    Hugs Jill

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