The Chasm

V and I at the Chasm

V and I at the Chasm

July 25th.

I got up early to hike in the chasm area. I don’t know if the heat is letting up a bit or if I am just getting used to it. It is still very hot but today I don’t feel as much like lying at the bottom of a the bath tub for the whole day. My tent is in the sun right now and not a great place to be but there is a breeze and it is a beautiful day.


On the whole, the chasm was very impressive but not the Grand Canyon. I was disappointed at the limited hiking there although the trail did make its way along the lip and I could feel my stomach doing flips as I looked down in spite of the chain link fence between me and the long drop.

While I was there I met Kyle and Deidre, recently of Vancouver who are now residents of Prince Rupert. If they are home when I arrive, they have invited me to stay with them. Truly nice people, they saw Vincent’s sign and asked me what I was doing. Although they are not ‘registered’ couch surfing hosts, they knew about the organization and have the generosity of spirit that it takes to be couch surfers. So, two things about that.

The first is…I am so glad I got the “Ask Me” magnetic signs. What a spark of genius. I get to talk to so many people because of them. I really want to thank Monica Draper and Sonia Comire (see supporters) of the East Gwillimbury W.I.N.G.S. group for helping me make them a reality. They have become an important part of the trip.

Also, the couch surfing organization is the best. I can’t believe everyone doesn’t travel this way. I have found more “secret spots” because of the generosity of the people I am meeting. It is truly a gift to the traveler. Give it a try or become a host yourself. You can’t go wrong.

After the canyon, I found my way to Green Lake for a picnic. The road there was winding and long. It seemed to be really off of the beaten path but when I got there I found the beach packed. I ate my lunch in a shaded, breezy spot. Then headed for both the farm museum and 108 Mile Ranch Museum. Both worth going to.

Green Lake - it really is green in many places

Green Lake - it really is green in many places

Now I am relaxing in the shade, writing some potential articles. Gas money is running out and if something doesn’t come up soon…sponsers, paid writing, paid speaking or my faerie godmother with a magic wand, I may be pulling Vincent’s head east and heading home to fill the coffers for next time around. For now, I just want to drink my iced tea, enjoy the breeze and think about coming adventures.

Hiking tomorrow on some trails behind the house here. Talk soon.

The Hundred Mile Marker

The Hundred Mile Marker

Canada's largest pair of X-country skis


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