Sept 9 Blue or Green

Different Views out my bedroom window

Different views out of my bedroom window


Light, time of day and weather change it moment by moment

Waiting for much needed surgery can be hard. My uncle was booked over a week ago and was bumped by an emergency. Now it is day by day. Today they told us next Tuesday and this aft they called and said, be ready for tomorrow…just in case we can wiggle a space. I have to say this, they are trying but now Marce has to go without eat or drink til they get half way through the day to see if they have made up some minutes. With some luck, they can do it so we wait. I will let you know what is happening and prayers, healing energy and what ever else you can throw this way for the whole family are all appreciated.

Mt Baker (I think) seen on an evening walk

Mt Baker (I think) seen on an evening walk

Until then Uncle Marce and I have been finishing small projects around the house to get it ready to sell, doing errands and catching up with a lot of family small talk. I can’t imagine the stress he is under but it has been pretty relaxed and fun. When ever possible I have been hiking with a goal of walking to the new Golden Ears bridge that spans the Fraser River just at what appears to me to be the junction of Pitt Meadow and Maple Ridge. It will be quite a walk from here but I am excited to take pictures from the top of the bridge. Usually driving across you can’t see over the edge. Consider me in training. When the weather and time are right…I am heading out.


Mountains on a rainy day

Mountains on a rainy day


Today I did something I have been needing for weeks. I got my hair cut. Whew. I feel ten pounds lighter. When I was there she cut out the last of my burgandy streak and offered to put in another. “What about blue” I asked, always hopeful but knowing it can’t be done. “A nice peacock blue.”

“Yup'” says she, “no problem.”

“Really?” She showed me the colour and it was awesome so….in it went. Well, I didn’t have much burgundy left and so I was used to mainly grey hair. She put a huge chunk of the blue in, ignoring or perhaps misinterpreting my ask that the grey be allowed to shine through…and WOW! I am passing the mirror and being surprised every time. I was so used to the burgandy. Tonight, looking at it I am thinking that it is green…did it change in the dark.


Ha ha ha. I will get used to it…it will grow out in 6 weeks but for now…it is shocking. I kinda love it…I think.  What do you think…blue or green?

Off to bed. It could be a long day tomorrow. Talk soon.

6 Responses to Sept 9 Blue or Green

  • Karen says:

    Vicki, Holly says: “ocean blue!” May circles of light filled with love surround you, your uncle and all of yours. K

  • Vicki says:

    Thanks for that Holly….ocean blue I will remember..

  • Sue says:

    Hey Vicki, Looks awesome, whatever it’s called! Love and good wishes to all. Sue

  • Faye says:

    looks blue and funky – you go girl

  • Janice Turner says:

    Hey Vicki
    Blue blue blue…actually beautifully blue!!! You look great!
    lots of love and good energy for you, your uncle and all of the family.
    It’s so nice to be back and reading all of your updates

  • Mom says:

    Well I say “green”!! and since the whole family knows you’re a bit “nutty”, I think it looks great on you!!
    Your pictures are amazing – keep them coming.
    Anything new on the surgery? we sit here with our fingers and toes in “knots”, hoping it’ll be sooner then later! Keep us informed.
    The week in Bayfield was real nice with the 1st good weather we’ve had camping this summer. It was also very sad looking at our “used to be” house!!! even Miko kept turning into the drive way – ah, the mistakes we make in a life time.
    Love you – miss you – “hi’ to Marc & Rike!
    Later Mom

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