Sept 7 – Rainy day

Enjoying the Canadian Sheild

Enjoying the Canadian Shield.

Can't beat this scenery, the weather and a walk.

Enjoying it. Thanks for the weather Gail.

I left Kenora early today hoping to make it through to Nipigon (I did). Right now I am inside, not camping in the high winds, cold weather and rain. All that and it was still a good drive.

I think I have mentioned how I feel about trains. At Gail’s, every time I stepped outside, I could hear a train rumble by on the track below her house. I love the sound. I love the feeling. She says it shakes the house and yard. I thought it was my heart pounding. Twice on my drive today I was on the road beside the tracks, and out of the rain, I could see the bright light of an engine heading toward me. It is heart stopping. I wanted to pull over and watch all of the cars roar by, to hear the whistle…and feel the rumble, but I didn’t. I couldn’t even get a good picture through the rain.

Rain and fog.

Rain and fog.

Perfect spot between showers.

Perfect spot between showers.

I will follow the shore line to Sault Ste. Marie tomorrow. It is supposed to keep raining and maybe even frost tonight.  The colours are really starting to pick up. Frost will really make it look like fall. Talk soon.

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  • Ingrid says:

    Hey, wellcome to Ont.!! I know it’s still a ‘ways to go but “happy home-coming” anyway.
    Can’t wait to see you

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