Sept 5 – On the way to Kenora, Rennie

When I was in Winnepeg, I stayed with Anne and Ram. I really enjoyed myself with them. Again…go out and couchsurf, it is a great way to meet the best people. Before I left, Anne suggested a scenic route to Kenora. She said I would have to go through Rennie. Rennie? Lynden turned Rennie after she married Ryan. Maybe there is a relationship. Who knows.



She also told me I should go to the goose sanctuary.  Good time to go because I can see the geese forming up for a good flight south. The interpreter said that there are about 288 geese who actually call this place home, but that day there were over 400 visiting and chowing down for the trip south.


Back roads are wonderful.

I am now in Kenora with Gail, chilling, walking, talking. The weather is so beautiful. Not too warm, not too cool. Is it fall yet? That is my absolute favorite time of the year. Gail is like a sister…I might bring her home…although then I would have no excuse to visit her here. Oh well, guess if you want to meet her, you have to become a couc surfer.

A not so friendly Kenora resident

A not so friendly Kenora resident

I am in Ontario. Gail says it is still closer for me to go to Kelowna BC than it is to go home, so I will be a little while yet. Talk soon.

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  • Janice Turner says:

    I loved the sign for Rennie…I think we could all wear one of those around our necks!
    Good to hear everything is still going swimmingly.
    See you when you get home!

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