Sept. 16 – trip numbers and other things

It rained all day today. A perfect day to think about my amazing summer in the middle of Canada. I met so many wonderful people, some of them actually reconnecting me to family I had lost touch with. It was great. So many beautiful memories.

Wednesday I took Vincent for a spa day. He was washed and scrubbed from the carpets up. He also sidled up to an oil bar and had a sip or two of the good stuff. He looks pretty smug today. The seats are still not back in and he tells me he could be ready to ride pretty quick. Naughty guy, really knows how to push my buttons, but I am ready to be home for a while now to watch Austin grow.

The boy has gained 7 pounds, 2 inches and 2 shoe sizes since I left. Wow, it didn't seem that long.

The boy has gained 7 pounds, 2 inches and 2 shoe sizes since I left. Wow, it didn't seem that long.

Doing the math, which I hate to do, I find that this summer I went 12,640 kms  and paid approx $1244.00 in gas. Wow. The gas was between $.88.9 cents a litre and $1.29.9. Usually I averaged about .95. I think a couple of years ago, I could not have done the trip when gas prices were up around $2 a litre.

Next year I will be trying to get to Northern Manitoba, Northern Saskatchewan and the North West Territories. Again, I have to say that Canada is BIG. What an understatement. It really is bigger than we can imagine, even if you often fly over it. I found prairie people exceptionally friendly and welcoming. Some times I think I could just bury myself in different parts of the country for ever. Other times the call home is very strong.  It does feel like a life calling though.

Oh, and big news: within the next few days I will send an announcement about my book. It is finally within my reach. If you want to take a peak at the front and back cover, as well as 10 pages from the inside, go to my home page, look for the button that says Vision and click on that. You will find the book look there.  Don’t buy it yet…just get as excited as I am about it now.  I will have a copy for you soon. Take care. Talk soon.

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