Sept 1 and 2 – family


I found my cousin Ryan and his family, Melanie, Isabelle and Erik, in the small town of Lefleche. They live in a big old house with a main living floor, a second floor with bedrooms and a 3rd floor attic bedroom. I slept up there and from the windows I could see almost all the way to Alberta. It reminds me of that place we stayed in Orillia Desi.


The kids were fun, and after they went to bed, we stayed up way too late reconnecting. Ryan has the Beauchamp sense of humour and I laughed a lot. I got along so well with Melanie. She has being involved in a couple of her own miracles and has an attitude that is down to earth and inspirational.  After everyone left for work and school this morning, we just sat and talked. I could have spent much longer. Thanks guys. Be in touch.

The road

The road

The road to Fort Qu’Appelle was straight, although I did pass through a couple of rolling areas where there seemed to be much more cattle. Farmers are out combining their crops and in the bright sun. Saskatchewan is golden.

Tomorrow I will spend most of the day resting and writing and some of it checking out the Qu’Appelle Valley. Annette has been a gracious and thought provoking host. She is a United Church Minister and I think we could have stayed up all night talking if I hadn’t been so tired.

Isabelle and I looking cute. Well, one of us looks cute.

Isabelle and I looking cute. Well, one of us looks cute.

I am facing east and feel the wind from home. I have decided to cut my exploration of Manitoba short and just run for the Ontario border. I still want to keep my daily driving to a minimum so it won’t be too fast. I am taking it slow and easy, like the tortoise, always moving forward. Guess my trip is kind of over for this year…except for the drive.  I still have a few new couchsurfers to meet along the road, so I can’t write it off too fast. Talk soon.

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