Second and Third Days

It has not always been possible to get email on the road and when I do I don’t have much time…so this will be short.

I had an adventure in Hearst…I lost my purse. It had everything in it…everything. I stayed calm and we did find it. OK, that was embarassing. Everyone in the hotel was looking for it before I realized where I had put it. I am sooooo grateful to have it.

I ducked out of town, red faced. Spent the next night in Kenora. What a drive that was…oh so long. Our bodies just didn’t manage that seated position for very long.

We stayed in Moose Jaw last night and then are in Banff tonight. Vernon Tomorrow night then Vancouver on Saturday night.

Wow! Canada is big…really big….I had no idea. I did have an idea….but…no real idea. I am not sure how much of it I will be able to see…my goal is all of it. I know now that I will need help.

I hope to add pictures on Sunday or Monday and add some story ….keep posted. Vicki

4 Responses to Second and Third Days

  • Janice says:

    OK my stomach dropped to my knees when I read you had lost your purse on the second day! Your child hood homes no less…there is probably some kind of significance there….hmmm did you really want to stay is that as far as your really wanted to go? Ok enough with the psychobabble. Glad you found your purse, kept your composure, and high tailed it out of town with your ego some what in tact!
    Keep on trucking and having fun..both of you!
    Hope you are getting some nice weather. were all set for a beautiful long weekend it’s going to be 0!! Yuck.
    lots of good wishes

  • Kevin says:

    Go Vicki! Go Vicki! Wow…sounds like you’re making great time! I’m so glad you didn’t really lose your purse. Keep on truckin’. I’m looking forward to pictures!


  • Sheila Maloney says:

    Wonderful to hear all that is happening. It is such a big country. All the best. You are doing so great. Love, sheila

  • Mom says:

    Oh my “gosh” – there is no bigger night mare than loosing one’s purse with one’s whole “life” in it!!!! So glad it all turned out – guess you would’ve had to come home, right?
    Keep well and be careful
    Love M.

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