Salmon Berries and Banana Slugs

First, to all of those who volunteered to edit my work…I am so sorry. I know. When working late at night…my eyes just don’t see the mistakes. I know you would. Actually I see them the next day. But I need to send it when I have time. If I sent it to you first…I wouldn’t get it up here. I know some people cannot tolerate typo’s and punctuation boo boo’s. If you are one of those people….well, maybe you can help me edit the book and I will continue to torture the English language here. My apologies to anyone who cares.

I am almost finished my week at Edenvale (where has the time gone) and it has been stellar. The process, the people and the environment have been very nurturing. I will treasure the memory.

While I have been here I have encountered many new things and salmon berrys are one of them. The woods where we have been walking are full of them. They look much like raspberries, maybe a little more elongated shaped somewhere between a raspberry and a mulberry. It is startling to see the unripe ones, perfect berries the colour of salmon. The ripe ones are red and have a great tart taste. I can just imagine them in jam or pie but have only eaten them off of the bush.

almost-ripe-salmon-berry2 ripe-salmon-berry1

About Banana Slugs. Well, I am no expert in the slug department but we were walking in the woods and I met this slug who was almost as big as I am. That could be a slight exaggeration but this guy was huge, at the very least 7 inches long, dark brown. He was friendly and when we crouched down to get a better look, he looked back, waving his antennae, and then continued slowly along his way. Pat who was with me at the time said that it was strange that he did not have a slimy trail. It was true and I don’t know why. I googled Big BC Slugs and Really BIG BC Slugs trying to find someone who looked like our friend and didn’t actually do very well. There was the European slug whose photo looked very like the one we met but was said to be very small – a mere 12 cm. Our guy was much bigger than that but the pictures I found showed him being very pale. Our friend was a very dark brown. Of course I didn’t have my camera with me but here is one I found on the internet that is described as being the size of the one we met on the road. Very cool. When you meet a slug that size you take notice. Apparently, says google, that you won’t find these 7 inch slugs in your roses or hostas but only out in the woods making it a cleaner place. Thank heavens for that.


Off to bed and to a new place tomorrow.

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  • Allison Hannah says:

    We’ll take the updates- spelling errors and all! I didn’t notice any and don’t want you to stop one second of your experience to look back and correct grammatical errors. I can’t believe the amazing updates. Makes my day! Allison

  • Vicki says:

    I’m doing it. V

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