Putting it out there

I had a quiet day today. I reorganized the van when I realized that I couldn’t find my spare key. I now have it. I just have to quit changing purses. Worked on some publicity, organized pictures, slept in, wrote and went for a long walk on the beach at Davis Bay. I love the community of Sechelt has  focused on their water front. Davis Bay is a beautiful example of that. There are gardens, benches and a nice wide walk way with steps down to the beach every few hundred feet. Angela, my host says that in this town there is a waiting list of people who want to donate the beautiful wooden benches that you see everywhere in town.

Me on the beach. See I really was here

Me on the beach. See I really was here

Here I am trying to take my own picture on the beach. I guess I will get better at this art…but I still have to hold my tongue a special way to make it work. It makes the picture weird.

As always I have been impressed by the quality of the drift wood. I am worried that if I keep picking it up, I will no longer fit in Vincent so I am trying to be strong. Here is a picture of a beautiful drift wood fort on the beach.

driftwood-fort This one is huge and hard to imagine little kids putting together. The base is a huge root. I have to wonder what size tree it would take to make a root like that. It adds a whole new charm to the beach.

Angela told me that there was a sandy beach out there and so I went to it. I met a German couple with a very sad toddler…and you know what, a temper tantrum sounds the same in German as it does in any other language. The breeze was cool today so I didn’t bring a bathing suit for my first dip into salt water since I have arrived in BC. I did roll up my jeans and go in up to my knees. It was warmer than I imagined. When I walked back up the hill to Angela’s I was so hot that I wished I had gone in and got wet but it was too late.

sand-beach-davis-bay On the way back from the beach, I watched some large crows (ravens?) playing in the trees. They sure are noisy and it is not hard to imagine that they are laughing as they regard you walking along while they skip from tree to tree.

There was a large ocean going ship in the harbour loading up while I was walking. Angela says that Sechelt has one of the largest deposits of gravel around and there is a huge conveyor going out into the water. The ship just comes and anchors under it until it is full. It reminds me of games the kids used to play in the sand box. I haven’t seen the great cut in the land where the gravel is being mined bcarved-fisherman-on-a-wharf-pilingut Angela assures me that it is there.

Out on the wharf I was surprised to see this carved fisher sitting on one of the pilings. What a whimsical fellow. He doesn’t seem to be having much luck though. I did see some real fisher’s on the wharf They didn’t have much more luck than he did and they weren’t nearly as cute.

One of the things I have been seeing all day is the sea planes flying over. Apparently there is a place near by where they land on the water. My Uncle Bob used to fly sea plane into islolated areas when he lived in Powell River and he has told me so many stories of of that time that my heart just leaps every time I see one go over. I am just dying to get up in one of those things and so I just want to put this out there. If there is any chance of me getting up in the air in an plane that can land on the water while I am here…I want to do it. If we all put our collective energy into it, It could happen.

How does this happen? It is time for bed again. I am having a great time. I am thinking of you often.

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