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July 23

Vincent isn’t feeling well. He has a sore eye…it won’t blink. I tried compresses but finally I took him to Spierings Automotive on my way out of the Pemberton Valley. What an experience I had there. First, you have to remember that it was hot. The young lady behind the desk told me that their electronics “genius” was busy for another half hour so invited me in. I was able to set up my computer and get wireless for Adelle. She was tickled. We chatted while I checked my email. When it was Vincent’s turn he was put through a battery of tests that took almost an hour. At the end of that time it was determined that he needs a new switch. They didn’t have one so then Len spent quite a bit of time on the phone finding what I needed. Finally he found one in Williams Lake. I am going to be there on Monday so I set up an appointment. Until then I guess Vincent will have limited signaling abilities or a weird eye twitch. Then Len Spierings donated all of the time that he spent with me to the trip.

If you are reading this from the Pemberton area and you ever need work on your vehicle, try them out. To say the service was courteous would be to do it a disservice. It was down right friendly. I drove in off of the road and was taken in almost immediately and felt like I had friends there when I left. If it wasn’t so far…I think I would take all of our cars there.  If you are reading this from any other area… this is the standard all service centres should aim for.  Stay tuned to find out how Vincent manages for his surgery on Monday.

As expected, the road to Lillooet was beautiful although much of it was under construction so I did get to take some pictures.


As I was approaching Lillooet I started to see smoke. Yes, it is a forest fire. I am staying with Howard who lives above the town across from the mountain that is burning. From here we can see the fire above the town. Right now it is still high but if the wind shifts it could sweep down into Lilloett. Howard says that the last time it happened many people evacuated to his front yard.  So I am safe Mom.



Howard says Lillooet is desert and that yesterday it was 38 degrees here. Tonight it has cooled off and sleeping will be very easy.


Not sure where I will be tomorrow. I will let you know when I do.

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