Oct 6 Tax Dollars in action

Near Washago

Near Washago

I can’t say that I have driven across Canada yet but I have gone a good long way through BC, Yukon, the tip of the North West Territories, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba. While I can’t even say that I covered most of those places extensively I feel like I spent time on their roads and I have never seen anything like the police presence in Ontario. From the moment I crossed the border I felt watched. Every day I saw at least 4 black and white cruisers and on my long days, most of those were pulled over with “offenders.” I was nervous. I wasn’t sure when the speed limit was 90 if 95 or 100 would be OK. People did seem to be staying close to the line and so did I which made the distances seem very long. Today I drove just under 300km and passed through 3 radar checks. Wow! I am being good…honest. I didn’t see that many other provincial police in the whole time I was on the road. I’m not sure I have ever seen that many OPP’s all at once before. I wonder what is going on. Well, I guess it is our tax money in action.

Other than OPP anxiety I had a great drive home today. Not too long, the road was familiar and the fall colours were beautiful. Pulling into the driveway was … well weird. So familiar and yet changed. The whole yard looks lush and green. Wanda turned herself inside out, yipping, licking and wiggling she was so happy to see me. It was sad not to see Maurie standing wagging her tail with her goofy setter grom. I will miss her and home seems quiet with out her here.

My immediate plans are to sleep for a week and then pull together some of my stats to see how far I went, how much it cost and all of the little niggly stuff.  I will be working on making this one stop along the way, figuring out what I need for the next leg in the spring and going for it.

Talk soon.

rocks in fall

rocks in fall

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  • Janice Turner says:

    So glad to hear you are home safe and sound it will be nice to spend time with you until the next time that you set out on the road again.
    Here’s hoping you get lots of rest and sleep before figuring out what’s next.

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