Oct 4 Superior

Hike along the way

Hike along the way

Wow! Driving around Lake Superior is….well superior. I am loving it. The day has been a patch work of rain, cloud and sun. Perfect for driving. I think Karma loves saying continue 690 km. No turns. Just stay on hwy 17.


I just love driving along, following the road around a long wide curve and having the lake jump out at me. OOOO Maybe it would become boring if you were a long distance driver driving it once a week but once in a life time is great.


I am making good times and making good friends. See you soon.


4 Responses to Oct 4 Superior

  • Anne Blottner says:

    Boy – those pictures bring back memories – I recognize every place – and it’s been 30 years since I’ve been there.

  • Janice Turner says:

    Hey Vicki
    What wonderful pictures. It was just two years ago that Mark and I were camping up in Superior and it was so incredibly beautiful. Enjoy
    See you very soon

  • Karen says:

    Vicki, I feel like crying as your trip nears its end. Does this mean there will be no more entries in your blog? Boy! I hope not.

  • Vicki says:

    Probably not as often…or with such great pictures but I am trying to think of this stop along the way as part of the journey. I want to re read my blog and notes and pick up on some areas that I thought I could have said more but I was too tired or too….what ever. I also want to start to pull some ideas together. I might blog on those thoughts…on the other hand, I have always wondered about people who blog about the ordinary and everyday. Don’t want to get so tedious that people don’t read next year when I start again. You will have to tell me if I am boring you.

    I have an idea though, if you don’t hear from me enough, email me and I will tell you what is going on in my life or….give me a time and I will call you. Imagine that…voice to voice. Radical I know but I bet I could do it. Face to face would be better but we work with what we have.

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