Oct 2 Quick update

The two of us

The two of us

Well it is official. I LOVE grasslands. I spent Tuesday and Wednesday in Airdrie where I could still see the mountains. It was great to see Carmen again and meet 4 of her 6 children. Isn’t it funny with old friends. We stepped in as if our conversation had just been interrupted. Thirty years just melted away as we got reacquainted. We poured over her photo albums of the good old days and it seemed like the people in the pictures were the strangers…not us.

Korean totem poles from Airdrie's sister city

Korean totem poles from Airdrie's sister city

Thursday morning I left Airdrie and headed for Moose Jaw. The day was bright and the driving fast. I love the trans Canada highway because it is wide, straight and fast. The speed limit is 110 so I set it on 120 and was just cruising. What I noticed was….I was passing everyone….Me, passing. People actually do the speed limit here, so, I reset the cruise for 115 and only passed a few people. I am not sure what the police find is too fast but the speed of traffic is usually a safe bet. At home a road posted 100 usually seems to guarantee that the flow of traffic will be about 125. I wonder if raising the limit would slow things down?



What I don’t like about the trans – Canada is that it by passes all of the cool little towns. Next time I pass through here I will not take this road. I will see the country side better.

Different sky

Different sky

In Moose Jaw I stayed with Jim and Jen, a couple I met through couch surfing. What a nice evening that was. Jim made pizza and we tossed around a few of my favorite political topics. Jen is a teacher so we hit on schooling and Jim is a United Church Minister who is still going to university. Wow. I could have stayed up all night talking to them. The more I couch surf, the more I am a fan. If you haven’t already, you should go to the website and check it out. You can be an arm chair traveler by hosting travelers or you can actually travel all over the world and meet the best people.


Tonight I am in Winnipeg with an energetic woman who is about my age named Lori. She has traveled everywhere and actually lived in Georgetown and Caledon when we were were in the Erin area although we never met in Ontario. She and I have networking in common and she has invited me to a Red Hat extravaganza tomorrow night. I think I will keep driving but definately will take her up on it in the spring.


Anyway, back to the grass lands. I have picture after picture of the sky interacting with the land and the clouds….WOW! There are not enough superlatives to describe the feelings I get driving under this big “top” into the horizon.


I am moving fast. Too fast in one sense but it is kind of thilling to watch Vincent eat up the pavement. I am missing the interactions I had as I stopped in every community on the road but am enjoying the things that happen in my mind as I drive.


I am having trouble getting email…so may not post again til I get home.


Here is a quote from Gail:

If its wild in your own heart, protect it. Preserve it. Love it and fight for it, and dedicate yourself to it….It doesn’t matter if it’s wild to anyone else:  if it’s what makes your heart sing, if its what makes your days soar like a hawk in the summertime, then focus on it. Because for sure, it’s wild and if it’s wild, it’ll mean you’re still free. No matter where you are.
Rick Bass

3 Responses to Oct 2 Quick update

  • Mom says:

    Keep trucking – you’re almost home!!! We’re all so excited to see you!
    Carmen looks amazing! after 6 kids, wow!!!
    See you for Thanksgiving at Desi’s

  • Janice Turner says:

    Hey Vicki
    The sky, well all of the sky pictures are amazing!
    You passing people on the highway… now that would have been something to see!
    See you soon.
    Safe driving…sounds like you are keeping ahead of the snow.

  • Faye says:

    Those skies capture my heart and soul. Connie Calder sings beautiful songs about those prairie skies – “Where the skies are bigger than anywhere else, as far as the eye can see”. I think the background music helps! There is truly something about the prairie.

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