Oct 13 Thanksgiving

The back field in the fall

The back field in the fall

All of the time that I traveled and tried to get an idea of the communities of others, I remained very aware of my own, the people who supported me and kept me going in so many ways. Most I tried to thank on the different pages of the website but I am not sure who  was reading that. I know that my blog page was definitely the most popular but as I think of the immensity of what you did as my community of support I just wanted to acknowledge you. This is in no particular order but as things occur to me.

First I would like to thank everyone who invited me to stay in your home where you made me feel welcome. You shared your children and your pets with me so that I wouldn’t miss my own too much and you shared your food and resources with me too. At the time I was in awe of your contribution to  my adventure. Now thinking back I can’t believe the blessings that I received. Thank you thank you.

Rainy summer = lush back yard

Rainy summer = lush back yard

Many of the people who invited me to stay lived lives that I found to be very similar to mine and were comfortable to me. Some people stretched me to see that my life is very privelged and takes up many of the earths resources. Several of you allowed me to see that life can be very different and yet still encompase all of the comforts that I have come to expect with little of the lingering effect on our planet and our resouces.  For that I would especially like to thank Mary in Tofino, Alexander in Queen Charlotte, Kate in Powell River and Shawn in Thunder Bay. Also to my friend Darlene in Toronto who turned my eyes to appreciating the joy of frugality many years ago.

I had fun learning your stories and adding to mine. I also want to thank my family members in western Canada for putting up with my constant appearances at the door as the road doubled back on itself, for always making me welcome and for letting me help where ever I could. I wish I could fold the country and see all of you more often.

From the front window. So glad I washed it.

From the front window. So glad I washed it.

What of the people I left behind. Well, thanks for reading my blog and sending me constant comments and letters from home. It helped me to feel connected and like I was doing something worth while. Thanks to Fred, Lynden and Austin for not saying…”What’s taking you so long…come home now” I always knew they missed me but I missed them too.

I also want to thank some of my business networking friends:

Doug at Dr. Tech computer services for his long distance help when Adelle was not working as she should.

Celeste Frenette of the Mahalo Naturopathic Centre in Holland Landing for literally feeding me with sustaining teas and healthful raw snacks. She helped me with motion sickness and perimenopausal symptoms that would have been very hard to manage as I was driving.

Lisa Martynuik at MSVA for keeping my reciepts current and making sure that my business accounts didn’t fall apart completely while I was gone. When I need to untangle the net of expenses, credits and debits she will have it all there for me.

Maureen Munsie at Imagine It for here help in taking those first few pictures and showing me some techniques that helped me get in the picture.

Angella Wills at Marketing Mojo for getting me up and running with my Blog and keeping me there. I can’t believe that she didn’t just block my email because I was constantly sending questions and work for her to do.

I also want to thank the whole Henderson Family for their generous support and to Holly for noticing that my trusty net book computer didn’t have a name and christianing her Adelle. She has appreciated having a monicer and the trip would not have been the same without it.

Also, the WCDR (Writers Circle of Durham Region) who made me their Canadian ambassedor and particularly to Sue Reynolds at www.goforwords.com and Kevin Craig whose unfailing support have staightened my back when I need it.

Thanks too to Clare Bolton and Faith Dentay who made my going away party so memorable… (I’m back…maybe we could do it all again.)

As for the rest of you…oh yes there are so many more, I am starting to feel the pressure of my word space but your names are in the Friends of the Quest portion of the website and written on my heart.

Enough of the sappy stuff already. I have taken and tucked your energy away to take me through the rest of my trip as it reconstitutes itself in June. I am rethinking a few things but am still basically looking for people who will tell me the stories of their areas and themselves so I can restory this great country for myself and hopefully for those of you who are reading my notes.

I have been very moved (literally) by your contributions to my dream. It has also given me a much broader look at community than I had before I left and is giving me lots more area to explore. Thank you to everyone named here and to the countless people who supported me before I left and on the road, those people who keep reminding me that the next few months are part of the journey too.
Thanks again.

Saw this huge Canadian flag flying by the 401 on my way to Thanksgiving with my extended family. A symbol of my community? or is that pushing it too hard.

Saw this huge Canadian flag flying by the 401 on my way to Thanksgiving with my extended family. A symbol of my community? or is that pushing it too hard.

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