Nov. 3 In Memory


Today I went to a very sad funeral. It was the final goodbye to an immensely talented man, our age, who shared his talent and inspired many. The church was packed with people trying to come to grips with his death and who wanted to celebrate the life of this amazing human being…and yet the saddest part was that he chose to end his own life.

I can’t help but think if he had been at that celebration, he may have changed his mind. If he had known how important he was in all of those lives that he might have chosen to reach out for help instead. Oh, I know, I have no idea what pain he was in and I didn’t know him well enough to understand it so I can’t really comment. On the other hand It made me think that we need to tell the people that have an impact on us. In this busy world sometimes we forget to say the words. Better to grab hold and tell them when we can still see their faces. Don’t wait.

More soon. I just can’t write today.

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