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July 29 from Bednesti Lake Campground

Bednesti Lake Campground

Bednesti Lake Campground

I am tucked away in Vincent for the night in the Bednesti Campground not far from Prince George. I am listening to the clang of my neighbours playing horseshoes and some evening birds over the lake. This was not the plan. I had a couch surfer all set up for tonight but I don’t think she is home. This is plan ‘b’ and it is working just fine. In a city the size of Prince George, I can’t seem to orient myself unless I am staying with someone. I ran around town and saw the sights as any tourist might now I am gone with no sense of it as a place.

So, is it working? My trip I mean. I caught another glimpse of the Fraser River today so that is good. I am in BC in a place I have never been before and that is better but when I think about my wish to find out about community by connecting with each place I visit, it doesn’t seem to always work. I am trying to decide whether I want to worry about that or not. In the way of following the wind, I think not. When it comes to writing something about the community of BC or the community of Vancouver Island or Tahsis or Whistler, I have not stayed long enough anywhere to make an honest attempt at what is there. On the other hand, In some places I did get to talk thoughtfully to people about the place they live and how they feel within that place. I will continue to muse on this one.

One thing that is working though and perhaps better than my wildest imaginings is my website/blog. Yesterday I got an email from one of the people I have listed in my blog on the page called “friends of the quest.” She is thrilled because she has actually got some business because someone who was reading my blog found her there. YeeHaa! Isn’t THAT amazing?

When I started the blog I had no idea what I wanted. I wanted a website with info about me and my trip. I wanted my vision. I wanted maps and to connect to people. I was hoping people could connect here too and of course I wanted a place where sponsors could support me and each other. That is happening and it is easy. I am doing most of it myself…with a little help from my friends, especially Anglea who specializes in blogs. She set up the look for me and let me go. She pulls me in now and again but most of the work you see is my own. I love it. I have a daily record of my travels that will later work with my notes, photos and journals. People are contacting me and I feel like you are all out here with me. At last check I am having 80-100 visits a day. That is amazing. It is fun, it is useful and it is good advertising. I don’t know if you have ever considered a blog to promote your work but do think about it. You may need a bit of support up front but after that your imagination is the only limit.

A couple more things: Have you checked out my “Maps” page? How is it working? It works for me but when I sign on it knows my computer and shows me what I want to see (just like my kids) I don’t know what you can see from a different computer. Try it and let me know.

Did you see the new newspaper articles on there? Angela just put them up.

And of course, I have no idea who is getting my posts except when you make a comment…so go to the website (I think there is a link at the bottom of the daily email) and say HI! On my blog.

Of course send it to your friends so that they can comment and my numbers get higher. I notice that when I do a google search now, Quest Across Canada does come up. The more action I get on the site, the more “interesting” google will find me and the more people will find me. Hopefully that means the more couches I will find. I am creating my own community and that part is working.

Talk next time I have a connection.

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