June 19th in Powell River

Yesterday I had a great day exploring.  I had the whole day’ , the weather was beautiful and I was not going to waste it. I started with a walk along the beach in Laura’s front yard. Here are a couple of pictures of the close neighbours.

the-neighbours-light-house the-neighbouts-heron

I did some beach combing and found 3 new pieces of wood. I packed them in the back of the van. I am starting to notice Vincent looking reluctant when I say “just one more thing.” Maybe I need to start only carrying memories.

Later I went to the Powell River Museum and met a woman who works there. She said she was supposed to be scanning some important artifacts but spent a good hour and a half showing me the displays. She was a very good guide and we laughed and talked a lot…and then back to the dungeon to scan for her. How well I understand that procrastination technique.

A  quick visit to the info centre got me more brochures, maps and interesting stuff. I distracted Vincent by pointing out a hot red, late model Dodge caravan and then sneaked the 20lbs of paper in when he wasn’t looking.


Steps at the top of Valentine Mountain

The info guy told me about the hike up Valentine Mountain so off we went. We climbed a steep slope for a time and then came to stairs that had been carefully chiseled  into the rock by someone with lots of energy. The guy at the centre told me there were 99 steps but I didn’t count. There were lots.

The view is great up there. You can see the strait, the mill and the town. If you stroll a little further you can see Valentine Lake behind you.  It was worth the climb but on the decent, I was glad I had put on my well treaded hiking boots. My open toed sandals would not have been easy to manage on the rock.


half the steps done and still smiling

Then on my way home to get ready for the evening, Vincent tugged something fierce until I stopped at Willingdon  Beach for an ice cream. OOO that van stops for ice cream every time. It could be a problem but I am trying to cope.

Me Coping

Me Coping

When I got home I did a quick stir fry for Laura and I and then she took me to the Powell River Women in Business year end get together. This group reminds me of my W.I.N.G.S. networking group. They are passionately committed to their businesses and to their town. They are proud of what they do and the place they do it. They were exceptionally warm and welcoming. I would like to thank members of my networking group for making my get together with this group possible.

powell-river-struts-her-stuff1As the meeting was winding up, people kept coming and tapping me on the shoulder. No one does sunsets quite like Powell River I was told so I went out onto the balcony to watch with several others. Beautiful. I wish you could all be here to see them with me.

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