July 4th Coal Harbour, Bear Cove, Port Alice and Link River Campsites

View from the lawnchair in my campsite

View from the lawnchair in my campsite

I am sitting in my canvas camp chair listening to the sound a a small rapids racing past my campsite and I am feeling content. I had a busy day, more driving than usual, and I was heading back to Karen’s which was probably going to take me 2 hours or better. I had my map folded showing a place called Marble River Campground and I remembered passing the sign for the turn off earlier in the day so I thought I might check it out. The young lady at the information office in Port Alice had mentioned a camp ground closer to town. It was hot and close to 3 pm. I thought I would give it a try. The Link River Campground. I had seen a sign for it too but it had been a very small sign and I thought it might be a private party or something. The road there was no wider than a driveway and it was in much worse shape. It was so dusty that all of the trees were silver with their branches hanging from the weight. I passed several signs saying tt was an active logging road and to give the trucks the right of way…oh yes I would. The sign had said it was 6 km but I wasn’t driving much faster than a walk. It took a long time. Some one passed me going much faster. I cringed thinking of my stone chipped windshield but we were fine. The only problem was the giant cloud of dust. I couldn’t see anything and had to stop. I was worried at that point that a giant log truck might come and drive over me in the dust. It didn’t. I continued. After a couple of turns, which I hope to remember on the way out, I came to a little shaded lane and soon after to a gate.

I drove in and checked it out.The camp ground is small but part of it is on Lake Alice and part on the Link River. The lake side was nice with a great view but there was a stiff breeze. The river side seemed perfect. A large lot for Vincent to stretch his wheels, a view of the river, a stand of white poplars and the sound of a rushing rapids. Ummm Heaven. I settled in.

Mitch, the park caretaker came by to get my money and to chat. He comes from Ontario and has been the caretaker here for 2 weeks. He loves it. He did his rounds and then came by with his dogs and truck. Did I want to go for a drive with him up to the Eternal Fountain to get water? YES!!! Up we went. I was glad we were in his truck. The track he sent his poor vehicle up made the road I had driven in on seem like a paved highway. The fountain is hard to describe. It is like a deep wide well in the hill  with two water falls coming out of the rock, one a good size and the other a trickle. The pool at the bottom was pretty far down and the walls were steep. I was glad I wasn’t getting water. Mitch scaled the sides with his water container. I remember seeing a municipal  tap in Port Alice that I think would be safer…but then again, he would have to negotiate that road and this fountain promises eternal life… Very cool, water running out of the earth like that.

Mitch on the wall after water

Mitch on the wall after water

I woke up this morning in the campground just outside of Port Hardy. When I drove out, I noticed that I was on the road to Coal Harbour so I took a run down there. It is a very pretty community but there doesn’t seem to be much there. I spent some time at the marina watching a float plane skimming off to some other destination. The sky was so blue and the water so calm that it was amazing. I took picture after picture while I tried to keep my heart from flying off with it. Whew…so exciting to hear it finally lift off.



From there I took the road back to Port Hardy and headed down to the ferry terminal. Wow! This is one terminal that is really in an out of the way spot. I wonder if Horseshoe Bay ever looked like that. I parked at a place called Bear Cove Park. I could see the ferry getting ready to leave. The landscape reminded me a lot of northern Ontario. Rocks, water, trees and no real mountains in sight, at least not the direction I was facing.

bear-cover-park ferry-waiting-to-leave-bear-cove-park

From there I headed to Port Alice. I don’t think I have ever seen a prettier town. Really breath taking. Mitch said the same. He said he was touring the Island with his daughter and was so taken with Port Alice that he looked for a job here. I wonder what it is like in rainy season. Mitch doesn’t know, he has only been here two weeks.

Port Alice Water Front

Port Alice Water Front

As I tidied the campsite after supper (I had the last of the smoked salmon that John in Sointula gave me) I was reminded of the times that Janice, Sandy and I spent with our 12 kids at Sibbald Point Provincial Park nearer to home. Whew. I had a lonesome moment. I have never camped by myself before (with the exception of last night of course.) It is beautiful though and now that I am sitting, the sound of the water racing over the rocks is soothing. I am sure I will sleep well.

I will be at Karen’s tomorrow and hopefully I will be able to post this and maybe send out a couple of press releases. It is time that I quite vacationing and get some cash coming in.

If you haven’t already sent out my website to your friends, neighbours and acquaintances…please do it now. I need people to email me with suggestions for places I can speak…do workshops….write or I have been doing Therapeutic Touch almost every where I go lately, so I can do that too…. Vincent is eating lots. 🙂

Talk soon.


JULY 5th

I got back to Karen’s in time to call Mom for her birthday…Happy Happy Mom, do some laundry and enjoy some family time before bed. It felt so much like coming home, Karen even had my bed ready for me. I am heading for Gold River and Tahsis tomorrow. On the map it looks pretty remote so I may not have internet or phone connections. The day after, Campbell River to visit my Uncle one last time before I leave this area. Hope to post again then. I am sure going to miss this end of Vancouver Island. I have had lots of fun here.

Thanks to all of you who are emailing and encouraging me. If you can figure out how to post to the blog…please do that too. Talk soon.

6 Responses to July 4th Coal Harbour, Bear Cove, Port Alice and Link River Campsites

  • Karen Henderson says:

    Hey Vicki! I certainly am glad you didn’t try that trick of Mitch’s. Does not look very safe, fountain of youth or not. Karen

  • Janice says:

    Hey Vicki
    Wow I was thinking about the camping days with Sandy and you and all of those kids today also and then I came home and found this latest update. I was thinking about the camping because I drove out to your place to pick up my airstream, hmm I’m thinking maybe I should give it a name since Vincent has a name. I’ll let you know what I come up with. It was weird being out to your place and not coming in for a cup of tea. When I got there Billie jumped out of the car ran to the goats field did his business and then promptly ran off to your back door and waited for his invitation to come in! He was disappointed and feeling a tad bit lonely as was I. But we went about our business and now my airstream is sitting in my drive way.
    Your camp site looked beautiful…I love camping near a river.
    Your foray to the fountain of youth was interesting as most of your stories were. I’m assuming even if you didn’t go climbing out to the edge of the cliff, Mitch still let you partake of this magical elixir!!!! Word has it that Mitch is actually 135 years old! Can’t wait to see how great you look when you venture back home!
    Be Brave,Watch for the signs and how does the rest of that Dead Dog Cafe line go?

  • Lois says:

    Wow, Vicki, I am so impressed by your ability to keep your postings up to date. Thank you for taking us along. I am going to forward your info. to some folks out that way, maybe you’ll get a speaking gig.
    Glenn and I just returned from 5 glorious nights in St. John’s and are already thinking about a return visit to explore more of that fabulous island.
    I know I am biased, but can’t wait til you get to the Maritimes to read your blogs and see your photos. I know, I know, that may be a while.
    We missed you at our Freeflow group/gathering. Hope you have lots of good reading material to keep you company. Take care of you and Vincent.
    And yes – Stay calm, be brave and wait for the signs. I think that’s it?
    Happy trails,

  • Vicki says:

    No…Mitch didn’t share and I didn’t ask. I figured part of the elixir thing was surviving the climb/crawl. I actually love the age I am and wouldn’t break my neck for one more shot at diapers. Gosh…how would I drive.

    Awww poor Billie. Maybe I should tell you where the key is for next time. No doubt Maurie and Wanda were equally miffed on the inside.

    I too am looking forward to the East coast…but ‘one day at a time’ and you are right. It might not be this summer

    Thanks for the reminder. Stay calm, be brave and wait for the signs….too true. I guess that takes care of the butterflies. Vicki

  • Ann says:

    Thanks for the review of the Link River campsite – and your description of the road in! My daughter and I are heading there in a couple of weeks – sounds perfect. Part of the reason for our visit will be the chance to take my daughter Alice to Alice Lake and Port Alice.

    Enjoyed your reference to Sibbald’s Point as I used to be taken there by my mum when I was a kid back in Ontario. We were day-trippers but always enjoyed it.

    Camp on!

    • Vicki says:

      Glad I could help. Port Alice is BEEEUUUUTIFUL! Give it a hug for me. I wish I could be in many places at once and go back this year.

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