Horseshoe Bay or More Adventures in Transportation


I really enjoyed Horseshoe Bay. It is so cute tucked into the mountain as it rises steeply out of the water that people could accuse it of being trendy. Starbucks and a Blenz coffee shop, ice cream, art gallary, marinea and Ferry terminal. It doesn’t look like a place that people would really live but they do. I met Ralph and Mavis in their home overlooking the Bay. They consider the seaside village their community 

We went for dinner at a great little place called Trolls. I am told that no visit to Horseshoe bay is complete without going there for fish’n chips.. Finally, at my ‘advanced’ age, I am initiated into that club. The food was good but the view was better. We watched a number of ferries come and go while we munched.

We got to bed early that night as Ralph and Fred had to catch a ferry at a terrible hour of the morning. I almost woke up when Fred whispered goodbye at 5am…ewwww.

Mavis and I got up at a respectable hour. We toured her gardens…washed flower goo off of my van and I got an opportunity to do some mending. went for  lunch at the Yacht club where Ralph keeps his sail boat “Vitamin Sea.” He says that a weekly dose of vitamins is highly recommended for “health” reasons. I hope his boss doesn’t read this.


After that we spent the afternoon in Ambleside park right near the place where Desiree and Dave used to live. I had a huge flood of nostalgia remembering that pleasant time in our lives. The afternoon was perfec. Cool enough on the beach to wear a light jacket so I didn’t burn. (I still haven’t found the sun screen in the van) There were lots of sun worshipers in bathing suits and I saw at least one guy in the water…brrrr!

On Ambleside Beach

On Ambleside Beach

Back to Pitt Meadow to get my stuff  and spend some family time. I drove Fred to the airport in the morning and took myself back to Horseshoe Bay to catch the ferry to Vancouver Island.  I sure wished I was on the bus going across town as Vincent, Karma and I struggled with Vancouver down town traffic. We got there but it wasn’t just the heat making me sweat.

Horseshoe Bay is a different place when it is viewed from the ferry terminal and I got to see lots of it. It seems to me that the last time I took the ferry, I just drove up, got there early and drove right on. Now they are encouraging people to reserve and so I missed two ferries. The 1:30 and the 3:00. I was in plenty of time for both but reserved people just poured on past me. It is expensive to reserve. I think I will just take my chances except for next week when I will be in a hurry. I spent the day moving Vincent forward at ferry times…hopeful that I would get on and then the rest of my time at the marina watching boats going in and out, slurping ice cream and just breathing the salty air. I wonder if the people who live here ever get used to the view and the delicious breaths. Would you become jaded and not even notice the feast that your senses are having if it became part of the everyday backdrop? If find it hard to believe that could possibly happen.

So close and yet so far

So close and yet so far

After getting off of the ferry I took a very scenic drive to Campbell River where after a warm welcome from my Uncle and Aunt I got a good nights sleep. I spent today pouring over maps and enjoying the company. I will be off to Cortez and Quadra Islands on Monday or Tuesday. Email might be hard to get but don’t worry, I am thinking about you all and will post when I can.

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