Heading out

Hi. Are you there. Wow it feels like a long time since I have been in here. There is dust on everything. Just a second, let me get this arm load of stuff off the desk. I have missed my blog and thought I would dust it off for this mini leg of my journey.

I have not stuck out with Vincent and the crew since my 2010 trip across the prairie provinces. I came home from that sick and needed a year to recover. That was a lesson in life and a time for patience and learning. Finally, ready to get back on the road, I found that Vincent was not up for my planned trip through the Northwest Territories and northern Saskachewan and Manitoba. We have done some short trips but I don’t think that Vincent has another long trip in him. I am currently looking for a new traveling companion.

Adelle, my trusty computer companion has also given up traveling with me. She left my home with a thief in a robbery a few weeks ago and I am learning to work with an ipad. The switch over has not been without its hitches but…here we are.

I am sitting in the airport heading to Vancouver where I will be jumping off to a hike along the Chilcoot Trail
http://www.pc.gc.ca/lhn-nhs/yt/chilkoot/index.aspx Check it out.

This is a dream trip for me. Pierre Burton introduced me to the crazy gold rushers who flocked from all over the world, through inhospitable conditions, trying to reach the gold fields of the Yukon in the 1800’s. Many of them took this route. One of the biggest museums in North America, strewn with items that couldn’t be carried, the trail is a walk through a part of the history of our country. I am so excited about this. I have only done day hikes before. Never a hike where I had to carry my house and my food on my back. Whew. I hope to take lots of pictures and share them with you.

It feels good to be back but weird to be traveling by air. It is almost time to board. Talk soon. V

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  • Janice says:

    Hey Vicki
    I was just about to head out get some chores done and in popped this post! It is so good to hear from you on the road again. Happy travels, and Happy hiking!!!
    Looking forward to the updates.

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