I am on the plane flying to Whitehorse and although I can use the computer, I can’t connect to the internet but I can compose. There were a couple of things that I didn’t post last night…(does it seem to anyone that I might be half asleep when I do these posts? Well, it is true. I do them before bed and usually I should be sleeping… sorry about the midnight fuzzies. I guess I should choose not to do them at that time of night…but then I might not get to do them at all…so given a choice – fuzzy is fine) and I thought I would catch up before they leave my mind completely.

First, I have two things you could help me with. It has come to my attention that I need a PR person. Someone to help me notify places that I am coming…book speaking engagements and such. I am just not getting time to do that. Sue suggested that perhaps a marketing program at a university or college could make me a pet project. That would be fun. Does anyone have any connections or know someone who might? Please pass it on.

Also, yesterday I met a woman in the art gallery who really pushed a button that I have been considering. She came up and started talking to me about my hair (well, if that is what I need to start conversations then so be it) She had an amazing streak of purple in her long gray hair that made me wish that I had more hair to play with. After that, one thing led to another and she was telling me this amazing story about her trip across Canada by herself. I was so taken by her tale that I didn’t take her name or even give her my card. Moments after she left me I went running through the gallery trying to catch her but she was gone. Oh well…. it was fun meeting her and she reminded me that I would like to interview some women of a certain age who have decided to travel alone. It would make a great article. So, the next thing I would ask of you would be, please put me in touch with those women if you know them and their friends and family if you don’t. who knows what will come out of it.

One other thing I wanted to mention was my encounter with the Vancouver Hell’s Angels yesterday (no Mom, I didn’t meet them personally – relax) I was riding the bus to Pitt Meadow and it was rerouted because of an accident on the main road. We passed a nice little bungalow with high fences and a great big Hell’s Angels sign on one wall. The thing that struck me about the little place nestled above the street.was the amazing waterfall they had following the contour of the property. Someone with an eye for yard decoration moved every one of those huge stones into place and created a place of serenity and peace. It was so incredible that I sat staring at the place til the bus passed by. Interesting irony.


I just got in from a date with Erik and Christopher. I went to Brave New Words, an open mike show for wordsmiths that happens once a month. We really need something like this back home…then we wandered over to the open mike at the local bar. I was surprised at how good the singers were and how many of them came from Ontario. I got home around midnight and guess what…it is still bright. Not real daylight but dusky. Well, the longest day of the year is coming just a few weeks from now so there will be no true darkness. Tonight it was definitely still sun shiny at 10:30.

Gotta go. G’night

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  • Darlene says:

    Keep an eye out for my ex -inlaws – the Liz McKee and her husband Carl Rumscheidt in Whitehorse. And remember me when you are listing the solo travelers.
    Buen Camino!

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