Emails, Blogs and Horses

Just a short note. It is too late to write much but after a conversation with a friend back home I realized that if you get an email from Quest across Canada and are inspired to hit REPLY to send me something that occurred to you when you read it, I get an email in my inbox. That is great. I know you are thinking about me and I feel very connected. However, if you want to put a comment on my blog page…you actually need to go to the website (by clicking on the link at the bottom of your email) Then you can fill in the comment box and it will show up on the website.

The advantage to me of you actually commenting on the blog site is, as I speak to people who are potential sponsors of my quest, they go to my site and the only way they know how much traffic I get is by the comments on the blog.

The disadvantage is, there are certain things that you just don’t want to say in a blog post (I know) and if you email me…you will probably get a response. If you post on the blog…not so much. I do read it but I don’t want to clutter it any more than it already is with my thoughts…that is space for your thoughts.

The bottom line is…I love hearing from you….however you do that.

Vincent with a new friend

Vincent with a new friend

Today I moved to Phoebe’s farm. I met Phoebe through her mother Barbara Kingscote who wrote the book “Ride the Rising Wind.” That book was a huge inspiration to me when I was planning for this trip. When I finally contacted Barbara and she found out that I was coming to Powell River, she insisted I call Phoebe. I did and here I am. I am going to spend a couple of days with her

When I arrived Vincent made himself right at home on this little homestead style farm. He has been galloping through the fields all evening much to the distress of the old farm dogs. I think that just before I went to bed I saw him rolling with all four tires waving in the air. Amazing how a little sea air and horsing around can make an old guy feel young again.


4 Responses to Emails, Blogs and Horses

  • Gail says:

    I have pictured Vincent as an old VW van, spraypainted with peace signs, flowers and autographs written with a sharpie. Perhaps Vincent’s alter ego?

  • Janice says:

    Hey I like Gail’s version of what Vincent looks like. It sounds like he is really an old hippie that grew up and looks a lot like everyone else now. I see you got the magnet to stick to him again. Hmmm he’s touting advertising; reminds me of Dylan selling the rights to his iconic song “The times they are a changin” to a bank a few years back. I have to say Vincent chose a much better thing to advertise, namely your “Quest Across Canada”!

  • Linda Dessau says:

    I would have loved to see that, Vicki! It still cracks me up every single time Chyna rolls on her back and sticks her feet up in the air (my favourite is her “disco” pose). However, I think the image of Vincent doing it takes the cake.

    I am loving following along with your adventures in your blog posts – please keep them coming!

    Take good care,

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