Duncan the city of totems

I managed to hit town just as the week long music festival was kicking off and although I didn’t take the time to go out tonight to some of the big name acts I did manage to be in the right place at the right time to hear one of the first performers to hit the stage. I was there too late to catch his name but he was great. A talented song writer, he had the whole audience rolling with his song about why dogs sniff under each others tails in greeting. In case I give the wrong impression, he did some wonderful political stuff about our relationship with the earth. One in particular was about whales. It had heartbreaking lyrics but a lively tune that made you want to dance.

Do you recognize this singer? Give me his name and I will put it into the blog.

Do you recognize this singer? Give me his name and I will put it into the blog.

Of course I started my day at the info centre and the man in there was very helpful. He sent me rushing to the museum for a guided walk to see all the the totems in the down town area. What a great tour. The guide was knowledgable and so I learned a lot about the symbolism found in the poles. I also found the carving techniques tantalizing. I really need to get my carving stuff out.

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After the totem walk I went through the museum housed in the old Duncan train station and for the admission price of a twonie, I got my money’s worth. This small town  museum  really brings the history of the area to life.  It was totally enjoyable.

Then I headed for Walmart to get a bunch of pictures developed. No Dave, I didn’t actually buy anything…but for instant photos you really can’t beat them. The Forestry museum was across the street so I had to go in. That was $14.00 but the ride on the steam train was worth it. I didn’t see anyone actually shoveling coal but the conductor told me that the steam engine had been converted to diesel oil. It sure looked and sounded like the real thing.  This museum is on acres of forested land. I hiked through looking at all of the exhibits. My favorite was the rangers station. I always wanted to be a forest ranger and work in one of those places. Do you remember watching the Junior Forest Rangers on TV after school. I saw it recently and realized that the young RCMP officer was Gorden Pinscent. I guess I probably won’t get that job now but it sure was fun to recapture those memories.


I got home exhausted and spent a pleasant evening with Diane and Nick looking at real estate in Sicily. Isn’t the internet amazing? You can dream those dreams from the comfort of your own livingroom and really get a good idea of what living in another country and culture might look like. That was fun.

Tomorrow I am going to skip over great chunks of this beautiful island and head to Victoria where I am going to stay with an old friend… not old, a friend I have had for a long time. I will be in touch next time I have internet access.

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