Dancing with scarecrows and thinking about what I need


I have been home for some time now and am starting to feel like I really am here. It is funny how ‘life as usual’ was sitting here waiting for me, ready to fold me into it’s comfortable arms. I resisted. I guess I still am. I find myself not wanting to step back into “as usual.”


Last Sunday I took a short trip from here to Collingwood where I stayed with Sue, John and their furry family. Sue and I talked so much that there must be a word shortage in the Collingwood area. I picture people opening their mouths and nothing coming out. Word rationing is in effect until the word banks are topped up. After a great couple of days I headed out to Owen Sound to see my brother and family. I haven’t seen any of them since Christmas so it was great to be there.


The fall weather was in full swing and being on Georgian Bay was wonderful. I walked on the shore, got apples at a local orchard and enjoyed being behind the wheel again. Vincent was like a kid getting out of school, skipping and racing when ever I would let him. I passed through the tiny town of Meaford Ontario and found myself captivated by the scarecrows that have invaded the main street. What an amazing community effort. I wish I could have gone to the festival that brought all of those straw people out to frolic. Maybe next year.


I got home yesterday, had a good nights sleep and then woke up suddenly ready for work. What does that mean? Well, I have decided that I must have a plan for next summer that allows me to do more public speaking. That means that I would like to be a little more ‘focused’ than I was this past summer. So I am spreading maps and checking the internet.


I also need some ‘gas’ money for the road. I had talked about getting a ‘real’ job, maybe working at the local Foodland and getting a regular pay cheque but some soul searching has me thinking that I shouldn’t be hiding my talents under a bushel. I am a good coach/writer and motivational speaker so here I am asking once again for your help.

Here are things I want to help with my winter quest:

Someone to help me write a good resume that will highlight my skills and abilities. Yes, I do have a regular resume that lists my education/skills and past jobs but someone told me that there is a resume format called a creative resume usually for people who have been out of the workforce for a time. It highlights skills and talents have rather than past places of employment. I have google searched and asked people and have had no luck finding such a thing. Maybe it doesn’t exist but then I want someone to work with me to create one.

Ideas of places I can speak on any number of topics from community to realization of dreams. I think my talks would be of interest to schools, local politicians, non-profits and maybe places of worship (I do an amazing demonstration of the effects of positive and negative thinking that will blast their socks off) I will be putting a list of things on the website that I can see myself doing. You can suggest other ones.

Ideas of magazines, newspapers, newsletters and groups who would might appreciate my brand of good news articles. Someone suggested the women’s magazine “More.” I had never heard of it. I have checked on its requirements for submission and have several ideas. Your suggestions are welcome

Coaching Clients: I am looking for 5 clients who can afford to pay my full monthly price and 3 who would be bursary clients. I will journey with these people as they discover and create their life quest. Please pass this info or my website at www.lifelinescoaching.org around to people who might be interested.

I am also looking for art, music and laughter to surround me as I enjoy this winter and the things that I will find in it. When I traveled I decided not to spend money on things that I could get free. I think I will continue to try to find the fun and education that way.

I will continue to think about this and post post to the “Things I need page of my website. I will also add a page talking about workshops and talks I might do. Please pass it on.


Still on a journey…just not driving as much. Talk soon.

2 Responses to Dancing with scarecrows and thinking about what I need

  • Janice Turner says:

    I’m putting my thinking cap on and so far nothing. I will recharge the batteries and hope for better results later. In the mean time good luck.

  • Vicki says:

    Did you know that real bushel baskets are hard to find these days. Orchards sell their produce in paper or plastic bags….maybe if you could find a real B. basket it would be just the thing to keep your talents in…

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