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I have an internet connection today so I will take a bit of time to catch up.  On Thursday I left the ferry and headed into Comox to visit with Dominique and family.  What a dance down memory lane. A house with 3 children, 5, 3 and 10 months. Wow! It is intense, it is joyful and it is tiring especially for Mom and Dad. I took a Grandmother role which is great fun.   A little sad though as I looked at these babies and imagined my grand babies. Lynden tells me that Austin is rolling over. I am missing the landmarks…but it was magical to see Talia take her first un assisted steps just after I walked in the door.

Friday morning I went to a La Leche League meeting  and met 13 nursing mothers. The group was great and very open to my presentation on the effects of positive and negative thoughts. I made some great connections there.

In the afternoon we went to a farm where the family holds a share, so they are able to take advantage of the produce. We spent a happy hour picking strawberries, beets, beans and greens in the warm sun. The gardens were the way I often imagine that I would like to have mine. Chickens and ducks went about the business of picking and scratching nearby and I felt very nostalgic for times gone by. I made mental notes  for my garden at home.

Jaoquim picking strawberries

Joaquim picking strawberries

While I was there Joaquim celebrated his 3rd birthday. The cake, a representation of a bmx bike course was very tasty (the whole family bikes for fun and competitively.) What a warm and nurturing environment for me. My time there  overwhelmed me with memories of another time. Dominique and I talked about parenting, breastfeeding and La Leche League in small stolen moments. I played with the kids and settled into a nice routine with them.  It is funny that in my quest for the future I am rediscovering my past from a whole new perspective. Mothering, breastfeeding and horses, I wonder what is next for me…

I spent part of the weekend browsing museums and art galleries in Courtenay and last night I said good bye to my sweet, chaotic hosts and moved to Ellen’s.

Ellen also lives in Comox. I met her on the Couch Surfing website. She is my age, is a single Mom of a wonderful 21 year old son. (I am taking her word for that because I haven’t met him…but he sounds great.) She has traveled quite a bit and is planning to head for Costa Rica this winter so is selling her house. The real estate open house will be Tuesday so she is cleaning like crazy. Probably a bad time for me to visit but I am helping where I can and will be here one more night.

This afternoon a jazz concert in the park and a few more sights to see. Maybe Sayward tomorrow or Tuesday. If I have a connection I will get back to you soon.

Joaquim, Sabastien and Dominique enjoy the cake

Joaquim, Sabastien and Dominique enjoy the cake

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  • Dominique McGrady says:

    How cool to read your comments about our family and see our pics. I feel famous! Thanks for your kind words Vicki. Love, dominique

    • Vicki says:

      Are you kidding…the leader of the Comox Valley LLL group is famous in her own right. I am just fanning the flames.

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