Changing Geography

Trail head
The beginning

The trail winds from Dyea Alaska to Bennett BC through the Coast Mountains. Part of the pleasure of walking it is the range of geographic changes that you trek through. We started in lush rain forest, made our way into alpine peaks and then ended up in Boreal forest very like the Canadian Shield areas of Ontario that I love so much. We crossed racing streams, saw mountains in the distance and eventually found ourselves at the summit of one. Near Bennett we even crossed a glacial dessert. I found the heavy beach sand challenging to walk in but beautiful. Apparently the wind blowing constantly across the glaciers has deposited this sand picked up from their eroding exteriors on the land.

Here are a few pictures to show you the changing landscape we found.



board walk

mossy trees

impressive roots


rushing stream

mossy cliff side

avalance zone








stream and rocks below me

fog and red snow path

where my shoes got wet

trail garbage

winch line

at the top








ranger station at the top

across the glacier

trail along the top



mountain flowers

walk in the clouds

Group of 7

big rock

spire in Bennett









That is it for now…I have almost 1000 pictures but am not sure how many I can upload at a time.

Talk soon.

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