Campbell River Farewell

Written June 8th

Here I am in a big town with countless wireless networks around me, unable to get a connection. Frustrating. Tomorrow before I leave I will post this using a PC that is wired up. For tonight I will just write.

I pulled into Campbell River yesterday, made some phone calls, posted some emails and dropped in for a final visit with my uncle and aunt who live here. For those who think I am driving around in circles passing the same big tree (Campbell River) over and over, you are kind of right. If you have a map take a look. If Vancouver Island is long and skinny, sitting basically in a north south orientation with some Islands scattered around it (apologies to any geography teachers who might be reading), Campbell River is the place where all of the roads (all two of them, one 19 and one 19A) come together and head to the north end of the Island, so to go anywhere it seems that the route passes through town. My uncle did point out that if I had started at one end or the other of the Island, (if you remember I had planned to start in Port Hardy) instead of in the middle, this wouldn’t have happened but then again, I wouldn’t have had an opportunity to visit a second time.

Tomorrow I am heading to the West side of the Island. I will not (although I am learning never to say never) pass through Campbell River again on this trip so I dropped by to say goodbye and thanks to Rob and Henriette. Tomorrow Tofino and then maybe Duncan and Lesquite Island. After that I will pass through the Comox Valley again on my way to Victoria and then good bye to Vancouver Island. Wow. On to Mainland BC. Things are really moving along. Who knew that Vancouver Island was so large…and there are still huge portions that I will not see, at least not this time around.

Today I did some errands. Picked up a few things that I needed, got a hair cut (finally) and got Vincent a good bath. I also got Karma out and put her through her paces. We got lost…is this Campbell River? I don’t understand it but we are always lost here…not really lost because if you look for a hill and head down, you always end up at the water front and then you can try again.

Looking for the water to orient myself and find my way back

Looking for the water to orient myself and find my way back

So yes, I am going to see more of Canada. Now to figure out the best route through BC to see the most that I can see and to meet the most people. Suggestions are welcome.

Good night.

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