Aug 24 – and now for a commercial message


Have you had one of these things yet? It is a cross between and apple and a plum. Can’t remember what it is called. The size of an apple but with the sweet, juiciness of a plum. Ummm. I wish I had bought more than the two that I did. Delish.  It had the feeling of something that could go horribly wrong…you know, the way peaches sometimes do, dry and hard, but these were spectacular. Well worth trying. Sorry for the commercial but I just had to tell someone.

My wake up call

My wake up call

I was awakened first thing this morning by a big purr and enthusiastic bounces on my bed. This is Indy, a 12 week old Manx kitten. She was so happy to have some one awake. She sums up my whole day yesterday, energetic and full of fun and the unexpected. (She is helping me write this, leaning over and watching the letters hit the screen…so she is my excuse for typo’s today) Yesterday I left Charlie Lake and headed into the prairie at wheat harvest time. What a great drive, sky and golden fields.

Combines come in threes out here

Combines come in threes out here

I am still amazed by the reaction that I have to the grand fields and skies that they manage out here. It is as overwhelming as the mountains.

They even make the bees bigger out her

They even make the bees bigger out here

I arrived in High Prairie and was greeted by Tammy who is in the middle of organizing the volunteers for a huge demolition derby and music event this weekend. I joined her as she ran around picking up a trailer to use as command central on the weekend and finishing up some details. Then off to pick up some amazing Chinese food and out to the High Prairie Gun Club to try out something really different for me.

Do you think that guy looks scared. Tammy says he is reliving his first shot. I am not so sure.

Do you think that guy looks scared. Tammy says he is reliving his first shot. I am not so sure.

Tammy took me trap shooting. I thought I was just going to watch, but she put a 20 gauge shot gun in my hands and stepped out of the way. Those clay birds were safe from me though. My biggest fear was that my shoulder would be lopped right out of it’s mooring. It wasn’t so bad. I didn’t even get a bruise. She said that is because the rifle fit me well.  It is true that this trip is fitting me with all kinds of new skills. It is probably also true that the safest place last night was right in front of me. It would take just a wee bit more practice for me to hit anything.


Well, I am off. Tammy has given me a long list of places to visit between here and Athabasca so, it is likely to take me more than the two and a half hours it is supposed to take. I will be careful to watch for the signs though, and help little old bees cross the street.

Take care. Talk soon.

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