Aug 20 The Arctic Circle

Me at the Arctic Circle

Me at the Arctic Circle

I’m here.  I can’t tell you what a thrill it is for me to actually cross the Arctic Circle. How Canadian. Isn’t if funny, our Canadian identity is so tied up with being northerners and most of us have never really been north. I love this place. It feels like me. Once, a long time ago a guy asked me where my dream place to live would be. I said, “someplace past the arctic circle.” He laughed at me. “Grow up'” he told me, “Adults have fun in the sun.” I am a real snow bird I think.

A few pictures and then to bed. A busy day tomorrow. I am heading for the Tuktoyuktuk, the Mackenzie Delta and the Arctic Ocean. Whooo Hoooo! I am leaving on Saturday and will pack as much as I can into tomorrow.  Talk the next time I have internet.






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  • Janice Turner says:

    OH MY GAWD!!!! I can’t see you face too well but I can tell you are grinning ear to ear. You look so HAPPY!!!!
    Who took your picture?
    Hey just so you know Maurie and Wanda are here today. Wanda looks bushy enough to be up north with you and be perfectly warm! I’d show them the picture of you but they are both happily sleeping in the kitchen and I don’t want to make them home sick for you so I will just tell them all about your travels later.
    Lots of love and tires filled with lots of air for the next leg of the trip!

  • Vicki says:

    I swapped picture taking with a German tourist. I took his and he took mine. He didn’t speak much english but when I grabbed his camera…after he stopped chasing me he understood.

    I am half way down the Dempster and the tires are still holding…keep the airy thoughts coming.

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