Aug. 19 – regret/excitment for things to come

I am sitting in library in Ft. St. John BC feeling regret. What am I doing in BC you say? Yes, me too.  I am not feeling well enough, I think, to head up that long, highway to the North West Territories. OOO so sad. I was so looking forward to finally getting back to Yellowknife and meeting the couchsurfing hosts who have invited me. Drat my body messages.

So, instead I am on the Alaska Hwy heading to the Liard Hot springs where I intend to camp til Monday and relax in that healing water until I feel like driving again. Lots of sleep, maybe some carving, painting or writing, definately some reading. When I leave it will be too late in the year to head north I think, so I will begin the long and winding road home, through northern Alberta, Saskachewan and Manitoba. I have couches booked for most of it so don’t need to rely on campgrounds.

I admit it, I am disappointed but, I am sure that this course of action opens the door to a different way to see Yellowknife. I am prepared to enjoy my camping experience though.

Update on the camera. Yeeha. It is working. Thank heavens….and you were going to get pictures but I forgot it in the care and am not going out again. It is time to go shopping and get supplies for a 4 night camping experience.

Liard Park is out of the way, no phones or internet. I will be without all of my technology and that is feeling good. I hope to be back online Monday or Tuesday depending on when I run into loose wireless, so have a great weekend. Talk soon.

PS Thanks Celeste for the treatment. I felt like getting in the car this morning.

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  • Janice Turner says:

    Lots of love and healing energy Vicki. It is nice to know that after your time in those wonderful hot springs you have lots of peoples houses lined up to stay at.
    Safe driving

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