Aug 17 – on the road again with no camera

Augh! Can I do a post without a picture. I am not sure, when people comment, it is the pictures they say they love.

Yesterday I bid a tearful goodbye to the Whitehorse crew. Christopher and Story took me to the airport and waved me off. The plane ride was great and I got lots of spectacular mountain top pictures. When I got into Edmonton, Vincent and Bettyanne greeted me enthusiastically. It was nice to be back to Bettyanne’s down to earth home and great to take her dog for a long walk along the river. Rain was predicted but the sky was blue except for a few clouds.

She lives in a  great area of Edmonton. We walked for an hour before those clouds joined forces to sprinkle on us…and then pour. By the time we got home we were wading  through rivers rushing down the streets at us. I was soaked. It had been fun and warm enough to be pleasant…until I got home and pulled my camera out of my pocket. It was drenched. My first impulse was to turn it on to see if it still worked but some intuition told me not to. I opened it up to pull out the battery and memory card. They were standing in water. I knew that it was done for. I only hoped I could get my pictures of the kids off of the card. I got some advise from friends on facebook (thanks everyone) and ended up drying it thoroughly in rice (unco0ked). I was told to leave it there for a few days before I actually tried it. So, no pictures today. No images of the four RCMP Musical ride trailers parked and open for a break and to let the breezes in to the horses. (OK, it impressed the heck out of me) None of the rolling prairie and the heavy grain almost ready for harvest or the change in the land as I came near Grande Prairie. Sigh. Oh well… at least you know that I am on the road again.

Tonight, I am in Grande Prairie with my brother’s son and his partner. What a great young couple. Funny, I have watched my kids grow to adults (always babies to me) but somehow Zach has stayed the same age that I last really saw him…a moody sixteen or seventeen. Today, he is a funny, ambitious, thoughtful, caring grown up with a really nice life. How does time do that? Honestly, it is disconcerting and wonderful at the same time. We had a great evening and I think I will stay one more night before heading out.

Talk soon.

2 Responses to Aug 17 – on the road again with no camera

  • Karen Henderson says:

    Great idea, Janice. It would be superb to hear Vicki on “Being Jann.” BTW Vicki, it’ s you we are really interested in, the pics are a bonus. K

  • Vicki says:

    OK you two….I catch Jann when ever I can. I have always loved her and would LOVE to be on her show. I sent her a message the first time I heard the show in July…so it is up to the gods now……

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