Aug. 16 Restating the obvious

Since I have been ‘tripping’ I have met wonderful people and seen things I had only dreamed of and every day I have jumped out of bed feeling grateful. Today I went to the hospital and saw my uncle, head bandaged, tied to all kinds of tubes but smiling. His colour is good and he was starving. The operation was a success. So much more to be done, healing, radiation and learning to cope with what ever else is in the cards but things look good today.

In the hall of the hospital I met the wife of a longshoreman whose foot was crushed by a falling load. He lost his foot and leg just below the knew. You hate to miss those body parts but he is going to be fine. if he had been just a little closer the load may have landed on his head.That would have been a different kind of a day.

Today it was raining. The mountains were shrouded in clouds but it good to be alive. I know that this is not new to anyone but we can all use a reminder, I know I can. Every morning that we wake up alive and breathing is a good day. If it rains, or if the sun shines, it is a perfect day to be alive. We should be grateful for every small moment but sometimes we we get so wrapped up that we forget. So…at the risk of sounding like one of those nasty Internet forwards, I want you to think of the things you are grateful for and turn to someone who is on that list, reach out and squeeze their hand and say, “I am glad that you are in my life today.”

I am grateful for all of you sharing this journey with me. Talk soon.

Rainbow over Vancouver

Rainbow over Vancouver


Photo by: electricvishnu for more info click here.

3 Responses to Aug. 16 Restating the obvious

  • Janice Turner says:

    Glad to hear the operation was a success!
    That rainbow picture was amazing!

  • Karen says:

    Ah, good to hear the surgery went well. I agree, your photos are amazing. Love your attitude too. Wish I had taken a few computer lessons from you when you were here. Love and kisses, K

  • Mom says:

    What a beautiful rainbow! And what a nice letter! Yes, let’s all be grateful for what we have.
    Love you a lot

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