Aug 15th “What I love about life,” and fireweed


Fireweed is the Yukon’s official flower. It is beautiful, so intricate that it makes me want to rush home and get my sketch pad to try and capture it.  Today I was taking a walk along the various trails in town and I noticed something. When fireweed is done, it fluffs like milk weed. What a cool thing to see. I have only ever seen it in full bloom.


As I was walking a young couple (maybe grade 10 or 11) walked toward me down the narrow forested trail. They were were talking and as they passed me I heard the fella say to her, “What I love about life is…”

My ears perked up.  I was about to hear something big. “I love that I did all of my screwing up in grade 8. I really learned my lesson then and now  I know what I need to know and life is great.”

By then they were passed me and I turned to watch them go. Their heads were close together. I was so impressed that he had learned the lessons of life by the time he left grade 8. I wondered what secrets he would have to pass along to me if I grabbed his arm and asked.  Even now I can remember the way his face glowed with the fresh air, the exertion of walking and the knowledge of life. What a beautiful time for him.


I love this sign. They don’t say you can’t jump…just that it presents risks.

Can you see the turbulence?

Can you see the turbulence?

3 Responses to Aug 15th “What I love about life,” and fireweed

  • VickiP says:

    Hope your travels on the Dempster Highway is uneventful. How fun to have had time with Story and to recharge with your family. Thinking about you.


  • Janice Turner says:

    Hey Vicki
    I loved the overheard conversation! Ahh to know all of your screwing up was done in grade 8 and now you can just marvel at how great life is! Well actually what a great way to feel, what a great way to spend your day just knowing that life is good because your screw ups were yesterday…actually he’s on to a good Zen kind of thinking and if he can hold on to such optimise his life will continue to be just that…great. So Thanks for passing on a wonderful little gem Vicki because today Life is great because all of my screw ups were, well if not in grade 8 at least yesterday!
    Hey I loved the sign also we need more of those in life.
    Today is Monday so I guess you are on the infamous DEMPSTER HIGHWAY, or is that tomorrow.
    Good Luck either way and just remember all of your screw ups were in grade eight so your life is great today!
    Lots of love and fully inflated tires on your marvellous day.

  • Vicki says:

    I am leaving now…Wednesday morning. I just picked up a hitch hiker for Sunday if we both hit Dawson at the same time Sunday. She needs a ride back to Whitehorse. It will be nice for the company…if it works out.

    Have a good week. I am

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