Another Ferry and Gibsons

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Yesterday I left Pitt Meadow and headed for Horseshoe Bay to the ferry again. This time I did not have to drive to or from the airport on the way and the route was very straight forward, right along the Trans Canada all the way to the ferry terminal, well marked, no real city driving. Not bad at all. I realized how tense I get when I am driving in strange cities, even with Karma’s help (or sometimes because of her help). I don’t feel like a bad driver but when you don’t know where you are going, it is not great. Karma (gps)  is definitely useful, but she does have her moments.

I felt confident that I would catch this ferry without a reservation and I did but it was very close. I was one of the last cars on. I was not expected at any time so I could have waited there til the next sailing BUT I was glad not to.

The route the ferry takes is beautiful, through the islands and past so many people enjoying their sail and motor boats. It was another glowing day, not too hot. A perfect time to be on the water.As I drove off of the boat/ship/ferry I realized that I getting pretty confident with loading and unloading these days. Starting to feel like an old timer.


I took a little detour off of the main road to see Gibson’s Landing, the place where the Beach Combers, a TV show from my youth had been filmed.  I was just one of many thousand of  other tourists over the years to stand and take a picture of Molly’s Reach. I didn’t go inside and it was a lot cuter than I remembered it.


A jazz festival was just winding up and I followed the music down Molly’s Lane, the area that had been built for the movie, past the shops where a chocolate ice cream cone insisted on accompanying me to the park and later to the wharf. The wind was blowing just enough to keep me cool and I enjoyed my walk.  On the wharf an open air restaurant was serving oysters and a busker was singing sea shanty’s. I really did feel like I had fallen off of the face of the earth into some other reality. It was hard to bring myself back to the van. It would have been easy to stay there for a few days.

Floating House at the Marina

Floating House at the Marina

As I started out to Sechelt and my meeting with Angela, a woman who read my blog and emailed to invite me to stay, my stomach was full of butterflies. As much as I love meeting new people, I am still pretty shy at heart and it is always harder than I imagine.

Angela is a wonderful warm woman who greeted me with open arms. I met her son who has recently graduated from Engineering at Waterloo U. in Ontario as he was packing his stuff to head for a new life in Vancouver. He was moving his boxes and bags out of the bedroom downstairs and I was moving in. Talk about great timing. Angela’s partner Ron was getting ready to take the ferry back to Vancouver for his job during the week. What a busy household.

We had dinner and then headed out so Angela could take me for a walk along the shore and show me some of the points of interest in town. I will be heading out to check them out this afternoon.

Sunset from the beach walk in Sechelt

Sunset from the beach walk in Sechelt

Sechelt is a beautiful little town. I could stay quite a while I think but will be moving on to Powell River sometime on Wednesday.

2 Responses to Another Ferry and Gibsons

  • Janice says:

    Molly’s Reach what a blast from the past Bruno, Molly of course and Relic (sp) he was the best!!!
    Sechelt sounds like a beautiful little place…the picture of the sunset is incredible; a well deserved moment for you after the tick/bug episode in the last update!! OH MY GAWD! YUCK.
    It would be good if karma could do massages after one of those driving experiences through a new city. Wouldn’t it be great if you progam that as well as destiinations into her?
    Well good luck on the next stop.

  • Gale says:

    Wish I would have known you were in BC I have a little place out at Harrison Hot Springs you could have stayed at. It’s beautiful out there and Harrison is famous for it’s Sand Castle Festival in Sept. What great pictures and stories Good on you for daring to be brave and stare down the dragons….after all aren’t all dragons Hugs

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