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Today I picked up a hitch hiker. I know, I know. But it was hot. Really hot. I was leaving Lillooet after spending the morning seeing a few things that Howard had recommended (Thanks so much Howard for the place, the couch surfing tips and the great view of the fire) and I was cooking. Vincent’s air conditioner was just starting to cool things off. Smoke from the burning woods on the mountain top was hanging heavy in the air. I couldn’t leave him there on the side of the road with no shade.  (I know Mom, I will try not to let it happen again) Anyway, Elliot was a nice young man and I spent a very enjoyable afternoon with him. I told him I was in no hurry, that Vincent stops for Ice cream and that I usually accumulate traffic behind me. He was headed to Cashe Creek to catch a ride to Kamloops and he didn’t mind my schedule. I think the rides were few and far between so…he would have agreed to almosst anything under the circumstances.

I just have to tell you, because I was so impressed (and if you work for the railroad you should just turn your head and cover your eyes at this point) Elliot … whose name may be changed to protect the innocent or guilty as the case may be, is a train jumper, a rail rider. He had taken a freight train from Williams Lake hoping to get to Kamloops where he could catch another to Vancouver and for some reason it stopped in Lillooet last night and never moved again. It was getting hot in the rail yard and he needed to get home, so he hit the road. He wasn’t having much luck when I stopped.

So, he was with me when I pulled over time after time to let traffic pass. When Vincent would slow down to a near stop because the scenery was so spectacular. Once I stopped because I just had to take a pic and we met two guys who had just shinnied down and then back up the mountain side from the the river to set some fish on traditional racks to dry.  They had just come back up to their car as we pulled up and one was inclined to talk. He took us to the side and over the railing to point out their drying racks. He  told us about the way they catch the fish, how they take scales of of each fish for DNA tests which  go to the Minsitry of Fisheries (or what ever it is called in BC) to identify each fish caught. It was interesting.

The blue tarp covering the drying racks

The blue tarp covering the drying racks

The valley on the other side of the drying racks

The valley on the other side of the drying racks

I saw incredible geographical diversity today. From the dry area of Lillooet to all out desert and then back into greener areas. 100 mile actually has the greenest grass I have seen since I left the north end of Vancouver Island.


Smoke hanging in the Lillooet air

Lake where we stopped to wade and have munchies

Lake where we stopped to wade and have munchies

Near Pavillion - I think

Near Pavillion - I think

There came a time when I needed to turn left to 100 mile but turned right to take Elliot the few km out of the way to Cashe Creek where I left pulled in at a Dairy Queen to let him off. Of course Vincent insisted we have cones, pointing out that he hadn’t stopped at three other ice cream places we had passed.  We indulged him. I left Elliot standing on the corner hoping to get a ride to Kamloops where he says the trains run every half hour to Vancouver where he will take a ferry home to Victoria. Whew! I patted Vincents little air conditioned head as we rolled toward 100 Mile.

I have a couch surfing place in Caroline’s back yard for the weekend. I have set up the tent in her back yard. It is the first time I set up the tent and it is  roomy and cool out here.  From my little green house I can get internet and cell service. Wow! It is like a luxury hotel.

Tomorrow I hope to check out the museums of 100 mile (there are two) and go to Chasm park which Elliot told me is the grand canyon of Canada. I am going out early because I don’t want to be hiking in the afternoon heat. Apparently things are heating up and by Sunday or Monday the weather people are predicting that we will see real warmth. Oh joy. I am looking forward to that.

Well, as usual I have written too much. I am going to cozy up now and read a chapter of my book before bed. Talk soon. Vicki

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  • clare B says:

    chasm Park

  • Clare Bolton says:

    Hi Vicki,

    I am sitting here in Newmarket, drinking my tea, reading your adventures and taking in, through your photos, the spectacular mountains and lakes of our country that I have not yet visited.
    It has become a part of my morning and I love getting your blog direct to my email. I love discovering things, like Elliot telling you about Chasm Park being the Grand Canyon of Canada. I can’t wait to see the pictures and see if you agree.
    Some-times I want to be listening to your conversations with the people you are meeting, like the two men drying the fish by the lake.
    I hope you keep couch surfing because I want to meet more people in the communties you are visiting.
    I am happy you are keeping your heart open to the possibilities. It is so uplifiting to read about the generous spirits of the people inviting you into their lives and homes.
    I am sure they are enjoying your company also.
    Bye for now,

  • Vicki says:

    Nice to think I am in your kitchen for your morning tea. V

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