A Rainy Day

Today it poured rain, sometimes in sheets. The land dry land was so happy to have it that you could hear the parched grass singing. It was just not a good day to take the horses out for a ride so we sat inside for the morning telling stories and getting to know each other. It was great. Phoebe confessed that she had to do something about Vincent who was getting a little carried away. I think he will be fine now after a little reflection on his past evening.

In the afternoon we pulled on rain gear (boy am I glad I had my rain coat, boots and pants) and we did some barn work. Then we headed back to the house to dry off and have supper. After we ate, both of us felt bloated so we headed to the beach for a walk. Rain or not, this place is beautiful.

I took this with my camera

I took this with MY camera!

It's pouring



Meeting the locals

And yes, I did pick up one teensy piece of drift wood but I am sure Vincent won’t even notice….do vans get hang overs

I am trying for a trail ride again tomorrow morning but I can hear the rain on the metal roof as I head to bed…so maybe not this time. Off to Comox in the afternoon. oooo a ferry in those waves. I really need to get that motion sickness medication that Celeste mentioned.

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