27 Days And Counting

Yesterday a friend said, “Wow! you are leaving in a few weeks.”

Augh!! A few weeks. That doesn’t sound like much time at all. So many things to wrap up, so much to do. So today I sat down with the calender to count days and I have almost a month, which sounds very spacious. Way more time than a couple of weeks. Whew, what a relief.

In the time I have left, I am making lists and trying to keep my ‘stuff’ to a minimum but what to bring? I need clothes for hot, cold, rainy and maybe even snowy weather. It is spring here but some places in Canada are still buried in winter. I am still connecting with people and planning as much as I can for this spontaneous, un planned event. I am appreciating all of your support.

Here is a quote that popped up in my mailbox this morning. It seemed to speak to the wisdom of leaping. I believe….I believe.

Some things have to be believed to be seen.
– Ralph Hodgson

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  • Kathleen Groves Matinlassi says:

    I didn’t get some sponsors until my trip was up and running. Once they see you’re really going, they jump into the mix! I didn’t even get a gas sponsor until I was half way around Australia!! So don’t be worried. Your website’s terrific, I’ll pass it around. You’re an inspiration and you’re doing it while you’re healthy and able! You Go Girl! Kathleen xoxo

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