1st day

Well, I am on the road. This morning I left just before 7:30. A few crazy friends arrived, horns honking just before 7 and it was a great send off. The day was sunny and not too hot…perfect for driving.  Sue and I took off with high hopes…and it was a great day. Once we left the GTA the traffic was light…we talked and laughed so much, the time just flew.

This evening, it was time to get out of the car when we arrived in Hearst. On the way into town, I was looking for the house where my first memories began. I found it easily. It looks the same as I remember it, except there is a side walk and not the board walks of my youth.  I had lived at the edge of town and now…the community of 6000 stretches quite a ways past my old front door. I got out and started taking pictures to send home to the family. A woman came out and confronted us…Why were we taking pictures of the houses? When I explained, she warmed up. She actually moved to the house that I had live in when she started working for the OPP in Hearst…they are still OPP homes…and she thought I would find it very little changed. She had moved to a more modern little bungalow next door…she wished us well and I went on to the hotel very satisfied.

The hotel is nice…and a hot tub before bed probably made our bodies forget what we will go through again tomorrow. We are headed for Kenora. I cant believe that there are no couch surfing beds available there. Maybe it is smaller than I imagine. Off to bed for now. Hopefully I can start to upload some pictures when I get someplace that I can play with my new camera. Sue made me stand and smile in front of a polar bear in Cochrane, a spaceship in Moonbeam and almost a T Rex at a hotel on the roadside. I put my foot down at that but we did snap his picture. We passed a moose grazing on the side of the road but I was so shocked that I didn’t get that picture. I will stop and pull over for sure next time. Goodnight for now.

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  • Janice says:

    Ahhh Vicki…so good to hear from you after your first day of driving! I kept wondering all day where you might be. The hot tub at the end of the day was not something that I had imagined at all but how wonderful for the two of you! Well it all sounds so amazing and yes it will be great to see some pictures of you beside all of the giant things at the side of the road. Were you not near the Wawa goose?
    Anyways happy driving don’t laugh to hard with Sue…on the other hand I take that back just keep on laughing down the road, what a wonderful way to travel!!!
    Peace and good roads ahead for the two of you

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