Tips for the Road

People have been giving me tips and ideas for the road. This is from Celeste Frenette from Mahalo Naturopathic Centre. I asked her to help me manage a balanced and healthy life style on the road. She gave me nutritious food, balanced my energy and gave me this list of healthful suggestions that should be useful on any road in life. Feel free to use anything that works for you.

Honouring and Nourishing Yourself – On the Road!

· try to eat your snacks at stop points rather than munching while you drive
· practice mindfulness and gratitude when eating snacks and meals
· Buy local, visit the farmers markets in different towns, prices are cheaper and food is so much fresher too

· Grapes, apples, pears, bananas, peaches, plums…whatever fruits you love   and are in season or available for good prices at local grocery stores or markets

· Cherry tomatoes, carrots and celery sticks, peppers, cucumber sticks or circles – bring along a small cutting board, knife and container to store veggie and fruit snacks for a couple of days at a time – adding a little bit of cool water to the container will help prevent them from getting dry and dehydrated

· Bringing along some healthy dips for your veggies spices it up a little and helps keep things interesting and fun – hummus and your awesome tomato sauce are two simple ideas that you can easily keep in coolers

· Adding almond or pumpkin seed butter to your fruits is fun and adds some extra depth and interest to the snack

· Dried Fruits without sulfites – dried mangoes, apples, grapes…

· Stock up on lots of nuts and seeds for the trip – almonds, cashews, brazil nuts, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, hazelnuts, pine nuts – you can make your own trail mix bags and keep them fresh in the cooler

· Sprinkle on cereals or salads as a way to introduce rich minerals and good fatty acids into your diet

· Rice crackers, seed and nut crackers with various types of spreads and dips, nut butters or all on their own
· Buckwheat and gluten free cereals can be fun to snack on too
· Home-made granola bars

· Bring along one or two bottles of healthy oils that you can easily add to meals that you eat on the road, to get in some brain power, reduce inflammation and support a healthy balance – store them in the cooler, try for 1-2 tbsp per day (olive oil, hemp oil)

· Lots and lots of water, your body is going to be doing a lot of sitting, you want to keep your lymph moving, you actually want to have to stop to pee regularly, it is an important part of keeping your energy flowing in a healthy way

· Move your body, stretch, connect with nature around you, give gratitude, hug trees, pick flowers to keep you company on your quest or to surprise the people you will be visiting

· Try to do about 1-2 minutes of deep breathing and mindfulness exercises at each rest stop, allow your lungs to expand fully and take in the new and wonderful surroundings



· Start off the day with 1L of water with lemon

· Our body goes through a natural detox in the mornings as our circulation starts pumping harder and our lymph gets moving – it is best to eat simple and fresh breakfasts whenever possible

· Bowl or cup of oatmeal with fresh fruit

· Omelet filled with veggies and a side of whole grain toast

· Whole grain or gluten free cereals with fresh fruit, seeds and nuts tossed in

· Yogurt and hard-boiled eggs are good sources of protein

· Green Dragon Smoothie – excellent source of protein, minerals and vitamins
2-4 cups of packed greens (kale, spinach, celery, etc)
1 cup of berries and 1 banana, apple or pear
Fresh juice or water (or a combination)
2-3 tbsp of Green Dragon Mix (flax , chia & hemp seeds, spirulina and wheat grass juice powder)
It’s the journey itself that is the destination

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