walking-on-the-alaska-hiwayI am VickiP, a writer, creative life coach, mother, wife, sister and grandmother. This trip has been a dream of mine since my father forbade me to stick out my thumb when I was 17. My thumb still works but so many other things don’t that the trip has changed to involve my car. I still hope to keep the flavour of hitching though and meet as many people as I can.

As a life coach I am always asking people to leap for their dreams. They do it and their lives are changed so I feel compelled to do the same. One dream was to get a University education. After 10 years I graduated from York University with a BA in Social Sciences last June. I stopped then and said…now what? My gypsy feet reminded me about a dream that has been a through line of my life and here I am fulfilling it..or at the very least working on making it happen. The dream of exploring my country, my home and meeting the ordinary people who live there. I want to know how they feel about being a part of this amazing land, are they optimistic? What do they dream about?

This is the trip of a life time. I want to take pictures, write, sing and dance my way across the country. I want to do it all.

What about my family you wonder. Everyone asks. I have 4 children and by the time you read this, probably 2 grandchildren. My partner is going to stay at home and hold down the fort. He and the rest of the family alternate between excitement for me and worry. Will I be alright? I plan to be, but mothers and grandmothers don’t usually run away from home like this.

I guess  some cash and a brand new vehicle all would be well but this is a trip that is being made on faith. Faith in my car, faith in my neighbours and faith that all will happen as it should.

If I start, the trip will happen. If I don’t, I will be overwhelmed by thinking out the details that I don’t have answers to.

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