People have been asking for maps and I have to tell you that is much easier thought about than done. I have been working on it since before I left. I am using and they have some huge gaps or maybe it is my technical know how that has the gaps. Any suggestions? Please let me know at

This may be it. To get to the map CLICK HERE

For those who understand the concept of these maps…don’t read this. Just a bit of instruction to those who don’t:

If you click on a red way point you will get a little bit of text in a bubble above it.
If you want to zoom in, use the bar at the side or look to the right side of the map. After each place name there is a zoom button. Click on that and you will be in closer.

There is a place below the map that says you can comment. I don’t know what that does. I guess you can experiment with it.

As I figure out more I will add it. Right now red tacks are where I am or have been. yellow are places I hope to get. Those are not set in stone and are subject to the direction of the wind on any given day.

If you want to follow my mapping in an official way, go to and sign up. Then you can follow me. If I get enough followers they will feature me and then maybe I will find new and exciting opportunities. Have fun.

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