Changing Geography

Trail head
The beginning

The trail winds from Dyea Alaska to Bennett BC through the Coast Mountains. Part of the pleasure of walking it is the range of geographic changes that you trek through. We started in lush rain forest, made our way into alpine peaks and then ended up in Boreal forest very like the Canadian Shield areas of Ontario that I love so much. We crossed racing streams, saw mountains in the distance and eventually found ourselves at the summit of one. Near Bennett we even crossed a glacial dessert. I found the heavy beach sand challenging to walk in but beautiful. Apparently the wind blowing constantly across the glaciers has deposited this sand picked up from their eroding exteriors on the land.

Here are a few pictures to show you the changing landscape we found.

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Getting ready

This morning I was up and out the door just after 6. That sounds very virtuous doesn’t it. Even I felt it as I walked along in the early morning sun, Saturday morning when no one else was moving. Of course my body is still on Ontario time so it felt like 9am to me. That time shift is happening though. I don’t think I will be up as early tomorrow.

I walked the path that Desiree has been training on behind her place. It was a tough trail but worth it for the view. Unfortunately it is a very sandy, steep hill that is used by dirt bikes and so there is just nothing to grab with your boots. The trip down was positively hairy. I told Desiree what I had done later and she said, oh, didn’t you find the side trail down? That other trail is way too dangerous. Oh well maybe next time. It was good.

So here is my attempt to give you some pictures. Can I manage with the ipad. I hope so. Talk next time.




call for help with ipad/wordpress

I am just realizing that the ipad is not very good at doing blog posts. What I posted this morning was the first version of something that I changed this morning…and then after making all the changes, I was shoked to see that it hadn’t changed at all. I am not able to put in photos or fiddle with text. I am not sure why this is the case but, I chased down the wordpress app and downloaded it only to find it won’t let me enter my site at all.

If anyone has successfully managed to bridge the gap between ipad and WP please contact me at I will call you and maybe we can work this thing out….other wise my ipad will be just some useless toy…sigh….a fun toy though. V

Heading out

Hi. Are you there. Wow it feels like a long time since I have been in here. There is dust on everything. Just a second, let me get this arm load of stuff off the desk. I have missed my blog and thought I would dust it off for this mini leg of my journey.

I have not stuck out with Vincent and the crew since my 2010 trip across the prairie provinces. I came home from that sick and needed a year to recover. That was a lesson in life and a time for patience and learning. Finally, ready to get back on the road, I found that Vincent was not up for my planned trip through the Northwest Territories and northern Saskachewan and Manitoba. We have done some short trips but I don’t think that Vincent has another long trip in him. I am currently looking for a new traveling companion.

Adelle, my trusty computer companion has also given up traveling with me. She left my home with a thief in a robbery a few weeks ago and I am learning to work with an ipad. The switch over has not been without its hitches but…here we are.

I am sitting in the airport heading to Vancouver where I will be jumping off to a hike along the Chilcoot Trail Check it out.

This is a dream trip for me. Pierre Burton introduced me to the crazy gold rushers who flocked from all over the world, through inhospitable conditions, trying to reach the gold fields of the Yukon in the 1800’s. Many of them took this route. One of the biggest museums in North America, strewn with items that couldn’t be carried, the trail is a walk through a part of the history of our country. I am so excited about this. I have only done day hikes before. Never a hike where I had to carry my house and my food on my back. Whew. I hope to take lots of pictures and share them with you.

It feels good to be back but weird to be traveling by air. It is almost time to board. Talk soon. V

It’s here! My Book! Have a look.


Last winter, I got up every morning in the dark, at 5 am, so I could write til 8:30 or 9 and pull together some of my thoughts about my trip, maybe a book. (Thanks to Kevin for suggesting that early morning is a good time to write. At the time, I didn’t believe it, but you are right) At the time, I did not think that anything would come of it. For one thing, I had not finished my quest across Canada. How could I write about it. Well, I did it!’

Having some fun with the book.

Having some fun with the book.

I can’t tell you how exciting this is for me. If you want to share it with me, please go to the “Reflections on the Road – the book” page and it will tell you how to get one for your very own.

You could look this happy.


Thanks for your support. Vicki

Sept. 16 – trip numbers and other things

It rained all day today. A perfect day to think about my amazing summer in the middle of Canada. I met so many wonderful people, some of them actually reconnecting me to family I had lost touch with. It was great. So many beautiful memories.

Wednesday I took Vincent for a spa day. He was washed and scrubbed from the carpets up. He also sidled up to an oil bar and had a sip or two of the good stuff. He looks pretty smug today. The seats are still not back in and he tells me he could be ready to ride pretty quick. Naughty guy, really knows how to push my buttons, but I am ready to be home for a while now to watch Austin grow.

The boy has gained 7 pounds, 2 inches and 2 shoe sizes since I left. Wow, it didn't seem that long.

The boy has gained 7 pounds, 2 inches and 2 shoe sizes since I left. Wow, it didn't seem that long.

Doing the math, which I hate to do, I find that this summer I went 12,640 kms  and paid approx $1244.00 in gas. Wow. The gas was between $.88.9 cents a litre and $1.29.9. Usually I averaged about .95. I think a couple of years ago, I could not have done the trip when gas prices were up around $2 a litre.

Next year I will be trying to get to Northern Manitoba, Northern Saskatchewan and the North West Territories. Again, I have to say that Canada is BIG. What an understatement. It really is bigger than we can imagine, even if you often fly over it. I found prairie people exceptionally friendly and welcoming. Some times I think I could just bury myself in different parts of the country for ever. Other times the call home is very strong.  It does feel like a life calling though.

Oh, and big news: within the next few days I will send an announcement about my book. It is finally within my reach. If you want to take a peak at the front and back cover, as well as 10 pages from the inside, go to my home page, look for the button that says Vision and click on that. You will find the book look there.  Don’t buy it yet…just get as excited as I am about it now.  I will have a copy for you soon. Take care. Talk soon.

Sept 10 – A colourful welcome

To a lover of sky, this sunset is a great welcome home

To a lover of sky, this sunset is a great welcome home

Well, here I am, a full month or so before I expected to be. The last few days of driving was almost other worldly, as I skimmed, barely touching the asphalt. I stopped in Callander to visit with an friend I have just recently reconnected with. It was so nice to see her. It added to the nostalgia I had accumulated after driving through Sudbury, past Christopher’s old apartment and the University.  Then I drove through Sturgeon Falls my old house and the swimming pool where I spent so many fine days, then past my grandmother’s house, past the gully where we used to spend hours getting dirty and finally the cemetery.  By the time I got to Nancy’s place and we started to reminisce about the good old days when our kids were toddlers and just starting school, I was in a good old Boo Hoo mood. So, I am not sure if I have a head cold today or just the after effects of all of those tears.

I got home to a stellar greeting. Wanda and Pointy practically turned themselves inside out as I unloaded Vincent…load after load, did I really pack that much stuff?

Finally I got everything into the middle of the kitchen floor before I stopped and had some fresh corn and garden tomatoes for supper. Austin stopped by for a hug…has he ever grown, and I am ready for a hot, deep bath before I go to bed. Tomorrow I will consider what it feels like to be here. It is quiet. The sky has turned to a  strawberry, indigo swirl while I have been writing this.  I am glad to be here.

Talk soon.

Sometimes an evening walk is just the thing for your soul.

Sometimes an evening walk is just the thing for your soul.

Sept 8 – flying

Lake Superior in a mood

Lake Superior in a mood

There is something liberating, exhilarating maybe, about putting the petal to the metal and just going. No stopping except for gas and the occasional walk about. Setting the cruise just a little over 10 km over the ridiculously low Ontario speed limit and just hitting the groove.  Ummmmmm. On days like today, I could imagine being a long distance truck driver.


I got some rain early on, and then the weather man didn’t quite know what to do, some sun, mostly cloudy, a sprinkle here and there. Perfect day for driving. I froze for the early part of the day. Really need to get that heater looked at. The air conditioner works well though.

A wolf stepped out of the woods and onto the road this morning.  She turned my way and crossed right in front of me. There was no one coming in either direction so I slowed down to a crawl. She stopped and looked at me, then loped into the bushes. I have heard that an animal crossing, and making contact with me is an important sign. I just don’t know what it means…but if you have the book, you could pass the info along to me.

I am in Sault Ste. Marie tonight…popping cold fx. Hope it works. Looks like it will be a good day for a drive again tomorrow. Talk soon.

train tracks - no train

train tracks - no train

Sept 7 – Rainy day

Enjoying the Canadian Sheild

Enjoying the Canadian Shield.

Can't beat this scenery, the weather and a walk.

Enjoying it. Thanks for the weather Gail.

I left Kenora early today hoping to make it through to Nipigon (I did). Right now I am inside, not camping in the high winds, cold weather and rain. All that and it was still a good drive.

I think I have mentioned how I feel about trains. At Gail’s, every time I stepped outside, I could hear a train rumble by on the track below her house. I love the sound. I love the feeling. She says it shakes the house and yard. I thought it was my heart pounding. Twice on my drive today I was on the road beside the tracks, and out of the rain, I could see the bright light of an engine heading toward me. It is heart stopping. I wanted to pull over and watch all of the cars roar by, to hear the whistle…and feel the rumble, but I didn’t. I couldn’t even get a good picture through the rain.

Rain and fog.

Rain and fog.

Perfect spot between showers.

Perfect spot between showers.

I will follow the shore line to Sault Ste. Marie tomorrow. It is supposed to keep raining and maybe even frost tonight.  The colours are really starting to pick up. Frost will really make it look like fall. Talk soon.