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Wood carving, drumming, writing and traveling

The last few days have been busy and I have not had a lot of time to write so here I am to try and pull it together.

Ellen was a great host in spite of her push to get the house in perfect shape for the real estate showing that will be tomorrow. As she painted and cleaned she thought about great things for me to see and do. I almost got to a jazz concert but ended up side tracked by something better. One afternoon I headed for a visit to the I-hos Gallery where the local first nation displays the work of local artists. While there I was very taken by the work of Andy Everson. Most of the stuff he had in there had a story attached to it and maybe it was the marriage of art and story that had me, or maybe it was the idea of straddling two worlds, but I was hard pressed not to spend my gas money on several prints. I will find myself some of his work when I don’t have to roll it up and send it home. Continue reading


As some of you may know, I have been struggling to get a map on the site. I now have one that works. It still has things that I don’t like but you can see where I am am, where I have been and where I think I might be going in the next few weeks. Click on the MAP button on the home page to get there. Let me know if it works for you.

Comox Valley

I have an internet connection today so I will take a bit of time to catch up.  On Thursday I left the ferry and headed into Comox to visit with Dominique and family.  What a dance down memory lane. A house with 3 children, 5, 3 and 10 months. Wow! It is intense, it is joyful and it is tiring especially for Mom and Dad. I took a Grandmother role which is great fun.   A little sad though as I looked at these babies and imagined my grand babies. Lynden tells me that Austin is rolling over. I am missing the landmarks…but it was magical to see Talia take her first un assisted steps just after I walked in the door. Continue reading

Riding and Rambling

I am having a wee bit of trouble getting online…so here are some ramblings from yesterday.

Written on the ferry June 25 :

Vicki and Hisola

Vicki and Hisola

Today dawned sunny and bright. Phoebe took a group out for a trail ride while I pulled my stuff together and did some laundry. By the time she got back the sky was looking threatening and it was time for me to go. “Come on,” she said, “lets go out for half an hour, I would love to show you the area.” and so we went. I was on Hisola a beautiful little Canadian horse. I’m glad I went even though none of my body parts remembered the years that it used to ride. Actually it was a little embarrassing but Hisola was kind and intelligent enough to make me not look too bad. The woods were deep and magical. Tall ferns, huckle berries, black berries and salmon berries lined the path. At one point we went through an area where everything was covered in a soft green moss. (no pictures ’cause I was hanging on with both hands) The spicy smell went straight to my head. It ended all too soon and then I headed for the ferry. By then the skies were threatening to really rain. Continue reading

A Rainy Day

Today it poured rain, sometimes in sheets. The land dry land was so happy to have it that you could hear the parched grass singing. It was just not a good day to take the horses out for a ride so we sat inside for the morning telling stories and getting to know each other. It was great. Phoebe confessed that she had to do something about Vincent who was getting a little carried away. I think he will be fine now after a little reflection on his past evening.

In the afternoon we pulled on rain gear (boy am I glad I had my rain coat, boots and pants) and we did some barn work. Then we headed back to the house to dry off and have supper. After we ate, both of us felt bloated so we headed to the beach for a walk. Rain or not, this place is beautiful.

I took this with my camera

I took this with MY camera!

It's pouring



Meeting the locals

And yes, I did pick up one teensy piece of drift wood but I am sure Vincent won’t even notice….do vans get hang overs

I am trying for a trail ride again tomorrow morning but I can hear the rain on the metal roof as I head to bed…so maybe not this time. Off to Comox in the afternoon. oooo a ferry in those waves. I really need to get that motion sickness medication that Celeste mentioned.

Emails, Blogs and Horses

Just a short note. It is too late to write much but after a conversation with a friend back home I realized that if you get an email from Quest across Canada and are inspired to hit REPLY to send me something that occurred to you when you read it, I get an email in my inbox. That is great. I know you are thinking about me and I feel very connected. However, if you want to put a comment on my blog page…you actually need to go to the website (by clicking on the link at the bottom of your email) Then you can fill in the comment box and it will show up on the website.

The advantage to me of you actually commenting on the blog site is, as I speak to people who are potential sponsors of my quest, they go to my site and the only way they know how much traffic I get is by the comments on the blog.

The disadvantage is, there are certain things that you just don’t want to say in a blog post (I know) and if you email me…you will probably get a response. If you post on the blog…not so much. I do read it but I don’t want to clutter it any more than it already is with my thoughts…that is space for your thoughts.

The bottom line is…I love hearing from you….however you do that.

Vincent with a new friend

Vincent with a new friend

Today I moved to Phoebe’s farm. I met Phoebe through her mother Barbara Kingscote who wrote the book “Ride the Rising Wind.” That book was a huge inspiration to me when I was planning for this trip. When I finally contacted Barbara and she found out that I was coming to Powell River, she insisted I call Phoebe. I did and here I am. I am going to spend a couple of days with her

When I arrived Vincent made himself right at home on this little homestead style farm. He has been galloping through the fields all evening much to the distress of the old farm dogs. I think that just before I went to bed I saw him rolling with all four tires waving in the air. Amazing how a little sea air and horsing around can make an old guy feel young again.





I went sailing and am alive to tell the tale. Well, I wasn’t worried that I wouldn’t survive, not really. I just remember my last sail. I got so sea sick that I didn’t enjoy it at all.

We started out at 3:00 on the good ship Quetzal (that is the name of a parrot like bird from central America) a Catalina 27. Linda, the first mate is just learning the ropes (literally) and so Laura was teaching her how to wo(man) the lines. It was her fouth time out as a sailor. I was impressed and started to wonder if I could learn a bit of this craft too….but for the time, I was a passenger and did my best to stay out of the way. Continue reading

Small is beautiful – a downsized dream

Written Sunday June 21 –I met a woman at the potluck luck  Saturday night who has downsided her life. I know a number of others who are in the process of doing that too so I thought I would share this little story with you.

But first, when I woke up the world was the most amazing colour I have ever seen. The sun was shining and the world was blue…this is how blue.Blue Day


ceiling - mandela effect

OK, now for the rest of the small story…Kate reached a point in her life where she needed to have less. She saw this house on the internet, sold her 4 bedroom house and went for it. The house is 300 square feet. I went to see it this morning and it is beautiful. Spacious, lots of storage and lush decor. I am not a home photographer and looking at the pictures I took I realize that I missed the spirit of the place but here are a few pictures to give you some idea. I am off to a day of rest, writing and enjoyment.





Outside - front

Outside - front

Music and Island water

I wrote  this post after midnight because I was too pumped to sleep. Last night I followed Laura to a most amazing event. It was a pot luck and party to celebrate the solstice. I noticed everyone coming in with guitars. Laura told me that the owner of the home was a luthier. There were guitars hanging on the walls the way some people might hang art…and to be honest, these guitars are art. Continue reading

June 19th in Powell River

Yesterday I had a great day exploring.  I had the whole day’ , the weather was beautiful and I was not going to waste it. I started with a walk along the beach in Laura’s front yard. Here are a couple of pictures of the close neighbours.

the-neighbours-light-house the-neighbouts-heron

I did some beach combing and found 3 new pieces of wood. I packed them in the back of the van. I am starting to notice Vincent looking reluctant when I say “just one more thing.” Maybe I need to start only carrying memories.

Later I went to the Powell River Museum and met a woman who works there. She said she was supposed to be scanning some important artifacts but spent a good hour and a half showing me the displays. She was a very good guide and we laughed and talked a lot…and then back to the dungeon to scan for her. How well I understand that procrastination technique.

A  quick visit to the info centre got me more brochures, maps and interesting stuff. I distracted Vincent by pointing out a hot red, late model Dodge caravan and then sneaked the 20lbs of paper in when he wasn’t looking.


Steps at the top of Valentine Mountain

The info guy told me about the hike up Valentine Mountain so off we went. We climbed a steep slope for a time and then came to stairs that had been carefully chiseled  into the rock by someone with lots of energy. The guy at the centre told me there were 99 steps but I didn’t count. There were lots.

The view is great up there. You can see the strait, the mill and the town. If you stroll a little further you can see Valentine Lake behind you.  It was worth the climb but on the decent, I was glad I had put on my well treaded hiking boots. My open toed sandals would not have been easy to manage on the rock.


half the steps done and still smiling

Then on my way home to get ready for the evening, Vincent tugged something fierce until I stopped at Willingdon  Beach for an ice cream. OOO that van stops for ice cream every time. It could be a problem but I am trying to cope.

Me Coping

Me Coping

When I got home I did a quick stir fry for Laura and I and then she took me to the Powell River Women in Business year end get together. This group reminds me of my W.I.N.G.S. networking group. They are passionately committed to their businesses and to their town. They are proud of what they do and the place they do it. They were exceptionally warm and welcoming. I would like to thank members of my networking group for making my get together with this group possible.

powell-river-struts-her-stuff1As the meeting was winding up, people kept coming and tapping me on the shoulder. No one does sunsets quite like Powell River I was told so I went out onto the balcony to watch with several others. Beautiful. I wish you could all be here to see them with me.