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Horseshoe Bay or More Adventures in Transportation


I really enjoyed Horseshoe Bay. It is so cute tucked into the mountain as it rises steeply out of the water that people could accuse it of being trendy. Starbucks and a Blenz coffee shop, ice cream, art gallary, marinea and Ferry terminal. It doesn’t look like a place that people would really live but they do. I met Ralph and Mavis in their home overlooking the Bay. They consider the seaside village their community  Continue reading

Public Transportation

Vancouver Sky Train

Vancouver Sky Train

I am a country bumpkin. I make no bones about it. When I go somewhere I have to drive. Even Mount Albert which is 6 minutes away by car is a 40 minute walk or a 20 minute bike ride for me. I often long for the feedom of public transit. Once I made a delivery for a friend in Toronto. The directions in were great but due to one way streets, reversing them to go home was next to impossible. I asked a woman in the store how the heck to make my way out of the warren of streets into the open fields… or at the very least to the Don Valley Parkway and  pointed home. Her reply floored me. I don’t know she said. I don’t drive, I always take transit. Continue reading

Whitehorse in the rear view mirror

Granny and Story

Granny and Story

Whitehorse has a special place in my heart with three of my children, one son in law and a grand baby (Story) there so it was great to find myself magically transported there even though it wasn’t in my travel plans til much later in the year. On the flight home today I feel sad to be leaving the world’s cutest grand daughter (no it is true…everyone I spoke to said it is – so I am sure I am not biased) but my eyes are focused forward. Continue reading

Yukon Days and Nights


The weather has been pretty nice in Whitehorse since I have been here.  The day time temperature has been between 14 and 18 maybe even 20 degrees although nights have been frosty. To those who have gone through a long dark winter with longer than usual cold snaps…it is SPRING. Everyone is out celebrating in shorts, tee shirts and sandels. I have been happy to wear jeans and a sweat shirt although today I ventured out in my sandels. I felt very over dressed.  I have included two pictures of the ice still on the river which is still about 3 feet thick and one of Story’s preferred dress (the shoes are mine). Continue reading


I am on the plane flying to Whitehorse and although I can use the computer, I can’t connect to the internet but I can compose. There were a couple of things that I didn’t post last night…(does it seem to anyone that I might be half asleep when I do these posts? Well, it is true. I do them before bed and usually I should be sleeping… sorry about the midnight fuzzies. I guess I should choose not to do them at that time of night…but then I might not get to do them at all…so given a choice – fuzzy is fine) and I thought I would catch up before they leave my mind completely. Continue reading

Country girl in the big city


Today was a big day for me. I had to get a few things from Mountain Equipment Coop and wanted to go to the Reece Terris installation at the Vancouver Art Gallery. I am not used to getting around in big cities and decided to take public transit which gave me some sleepless hours last night but I made it to the West Coast Express station at 7:45. It is the commuter train that runs along the coast. Quite beautiful. It had poured yesterday so I carried an umbrella for rain insurance. The weight of it in my bag made me want to reconsider but the sky convinced me otherwise. Continue reading


I thought that updates would be daily…easy…often, but as frequently happens, life steps in. Computer connections, even in the most likely of places can be iffy and sometimes I am just having too much fun to get to the computer. Continue reading

Second and Third Days

It has not always been possible to get email on the road and when I do I don’t have much time…so this will be short. Continue reading

1st day

Well, I am on the road. This morning I left just before 7:30. A few crazy friends arrived, horns honking just before 7 and it was a great send off. The day was sunny and not too hot…perfect for driving.  Sue and I took off with high hopes…and it was a great day. Once we left the GTA the traffic was light…we talked and laughed so much, the time just flew.

This evening, it was time to get out of the car when we arrived in Hearst. On the way into town, I was looking for the house where my first memories began. I found it easily. It looks the same as I remember it, except there is a side walk and not the board walks of my youth.  I had lived at the edge of town and now…the community of 6000 stretches quite a ways past my old front door. I got out and started taking pictures to send home to the family. A woman came out and confronted us…Why were we taking pictures of the houses? When I explained, she warmed up. She actually moved to the house that I had live in when she started working for the OPP in Hearst…they are still OPP homes…and she thought I would find it very little changed. She had moved to a more modern little bungalow next door…she wished us well and I went on to the hotel very satisfied.

The hotel is nice…and a hot tub before bed probably made our bodies forget what we will go through again tomorrow. We are headed for Kenora. I cant believe that there are no couch surfing beds available there. Maybe it is smaller than I imagine. Off to bed for now. Hopefully I can start to upload some pictures when I get someplace that I can play with my new camera. Sue made me stand and smile in front of a polar bear in Cochrane, a spaceship in Moonbeam and almost a T Rex at a hotel on the roadside. I put my foot down at that but we did snap his picture. We passed a moose grazing on the side of the road but I was so shocked that I didn’t get that picture. I will stop and pull over for sure next time. Goodnight for now.

Saturday May 2nd. Party night

I don’t know what to say. The party was amazing. The performers, brilliant. So many of the important people in my life were able to come. I met people that I didn’t know, but should have. To everyone who came….Thank you so much. To those of you who couldn’t make it….awwww! We did miss you. You were there in spirit.

My life has been blessed with the most amazing people. I will carry you all in my heart on my journey…

Keep in touch.

7 more days and counting. I will be leaving at 7am on Monday the 11th. So much to do, so little time.